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Kipling: Young British Soldier

Sutcliffe, I am also a big fan of The Man Who Would Be King. It always amazed me that the film maker (John Houston?) was able to make such an epic film out of such a short story. Come to think of it - when we bought our DVD player, that was the first DVD in our collection...

Cheers for now,

Gary B. in the PNW.
In response to Sutcliffe's first post, I share his awe of the British soldiers of the time.

On the other hand, it seems amazing what superhuman powers some people can call on from within if it's a matter of life or death, ( while others give up and will themselves to die. )
Not certain. But, it gave Wellington fits and he expressed some interest in the abolishment of the practice. I seem to remember McDonald's 'Flashman' Character grumbling about not having the cash to purchase a commission around the time of the first Afghan War(c. 1840). Historical Fiction it may be, but usually pretty accurate.