Kiss of Death

Feb 21, 2001
Sometimes I worry that is the effect of a post or thread by me. Things were hardly jumping here at the end of June, but something was being written. Then I post a "review" of the Paragee and Magna. After a few responses nothing else has been posted.

Occasionally, I have something I wish to write about, but creating good thread topics isn't my forte at all. Hence this limp effort. Feel especially bad about it because a new person, slewis36 posted on the next to last thread. It sounded like he has experience with Outdoor Edge to some degree, and might have a lot to contribute.

Well, very belatedly slewis36, welcome to the forums! Sorry that didn't happen when you posted almost 2 weeks ago. Since your post total remains extremely low, doesn't appear you're posting much anywhere.

What's going on? Is everybody busy playing with their new Paragees? Having too good a time to post/read? Let's not forget the quality of the blades put out by OE and Edge Tech. However many forumites own them, those that do know just how much knife one gets for the money. Big bang for buck time! Maybe the biggest! Somebody who can think of something worthwhile talking about, please post.
Thanks for the welcome. I don't post much, because I am not able to buy the knives that everyone seems to be talking about. I think that most of my knives are considered to be POS. I have to settle for knives in the "under $50" class. They cut just fine. I have 3 wedges, 2 Wedge II, and my new Paragee. I love them. I use them all of the time, and I am convinced that ODE does give more bang for the buck than most knife co.s. I am still trying out the new hatchet, and the multi tool. IMHO if a knife takes a good edge, and does the job that you need it for , it is a good knife regardless of the price, or the maker.
Hey Bugs,
I'm a bit surprised at the lack of interest in the OE forum these days. If you look back in the archives the OE forum used to be pretty crowded at one time; people loved the Wedge for concealed defense and rockclimbing, and the Magna and Impulse created a huge wave of interest. Frankly, I don't understand why the Paragee hasn't produced a similar wave of attention.
slewis36 -- glad to see you're hanging around. Believe I saw a post by you on the General forum last nite.

I don't think the amount of money one has to spend on knives should have much to do with how much he/she posts. I think in the first post of yours that I read, you spoke of yourself as a senior. In my experience, most seniors have a fair bit to share with the younger set. I'm at the double nickel, have carried knives since I was 5, but just really "got into" knives a bit shy of 2 years ago. Didn't find the forums until February this year. As you can see by the number of my posts, I talk/post too much. Well, am interested in a lot of aspects of knives, tend to have strong opinions, and try hard to welcome newcomers and make them feel at home.

I was getting by on a VA pension for quite awhile, and money was pretty tight. I was a pretty solid CRKT fan. I still am, though Spyderco has probably captured my greatest enthusiasm. But, I think OE could probably do that if they offered more tactical folders. I have a Wedge I got when I first subscribed to Blade magazine. Frankly, I don't care much for it. Have been real interested in the Wedge II, as it looks more solid to me. Just never get around to ordering one. Too many more knives I'd like. Now, am getting SS disability too, and have a bit more to splurge with.

I can say that I believe the Magna, Impulse, and Paragee are right up there at or near the top for bang for the buck. I just can't believe the thumb grooves on the bottom of the Magna. Only knife I know that has provided for holding the knife with blade up. The Impulse has so much style it is just in a league of it's own. Now the Paragee has really taken my fancy. I'm really a Darrel Ralph fan! His designs look so great, but also are really there in terms of usefulness and ergonomics. One of my favorite CRKT models is the M16. That and the Magna has convinced me that Kit Carson really knows what he is doing in the area of design, also. I know I intend to buy all the collaboration knives both are/become involved in. (Even if it makes me buy a couple S&Ws.)

See, I run off at the mouth. Please feel free to post all you want. This forum, in particular, seems in real need of someone who can come up with good topics -- not my forte at all!
You are making me feel really wellcome. I,m 3 yrs passed the double nickel, totaly dissabled since '89 with heart failure, and diabetes 2 yrs later. I have liked the wedge since it came out. I don't think much of it as a fighter, but it is great as a general purpose knife. It is not threatening to the sheeple of Leos. I was in for a check-up, and they sprung a elec. cardio gram on me. I forgot about the Wedge until I was taking my shirt off. When the nurse asked what it was, I pulled it out, and I quote, " Oh how cute" . I am not interested in trying to use a knife for defense, my cane is 3 foot long oak, with a large brass dog head on the end.
If you try the Wedge II, I think that you will be happy. I keep mine on the kitchen counter. I use it for alot of my cooking chores. It is a little easier to hold on to because of the larger handle. When I am camping, I will clip the knife to a belt loop, and use it for a camp knife. Both of the Wedges have given me great service. Now if David would come out with a Wedge III with about a 4.5 inch blade, I would jump for joy. I love working with a thin, flat ground blade.
Now I am talking to much. Around here, (N. Ga.mountains) a $5.00 knock-off Spyder is a great knife. If more money is spent, 90% of the time it is spent on a Case. I don't think very much of Case knives. I haven't bought any since Zippo took over, maybe the quality is better now. I haven't found very many people in this area that really know anything about knives. I once sharplened a knife for a young man with a set of crock sticks. He watched me sharpen his knife, and told me that you couldn't sharpen a knife with those things. Since they were round they only touched a tiny part of the blade at a time, and therefore would not work. When I returned his knife and he peeled hair off of his arm, I asked what he thought. He said that his knife had never been that sharp, but I must have used some trick since I could not have sharpened it on those silly rods.
Now you know why I lurk the Blade forum. I sometimes feel like a peasant since I can not afford the high end knives, and I sure don't agree with a lot of the POS comments. I have used low enk knives all of my life. They have saved my bacon several times in the bush, and a couple of times in the city. But on the Blade forum, at least people know the difference between iron and steel, and know that the pointed end is not the handle.