Kit Carons : U2


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Mar 28, 1999
A while ago I posted a review of my U2 in actual diving use. Bottom line was superb knife with one or two small issues. Kit dropped me a line and fixed all my conerns at no cost to me ... a super guy by all count.

I have now done further dives with the U2 (tanto) and herewith the feedback as promised.

Kit has refinished the blade with a silicone blast finsh (much smoother than bead blast) and copered with a clear coating. The odd rusty color under the scales after a day of diving is no more. Kit has enlarged the holes in the gaurd and they are no longer able to retain sea water due to surface tension ....10/10 to Kit.

The new sheath is a superb kydex example that straps to the upper leg. Retention is first class and it falls easy to hand. easy to resheath as well.

As posted overall, the best dive knife bar none and after the few small mods, I would not part with it for all the tea in China (See, I do have culture ...stuff that grows on yoghurt ;-)

The diving system is absolutely 100% ready to go. The knife is robust yet heavy enough to hammer if required with the exposed pommel, while not too heavy to carry. I have found the upper leg carry comfortable.

Looking for serious underater cutlery ....Kit Carson at better diving system in the world from aghreat guy.

From Africa