Kit Carson Model 4 Large

The Fed Ex guy just dropped off my new toy. It is so nice I was almost even afraid to open it. But I thought of what you guys would do and opened it. Boy have you ever been around when a bank vault closes well this knife truly locks up like a vault. Fit and finish are outstanding you can't even tell where the Carbon Fiber and Ti bolsters meet. The 420V blade is beadblasted with Kit own mixture of media and is centered in the handle, surrounded by massive Ti liners. The lock engages where it is supposed to no blade play what so ever.

I will order more from this great maker. If you choose to purchase a custom knife you couldn't go wrong with any of Kit's designs. They will last you a life time and then some.

Look for a more in depth review as soon as I can bring myself to cut something with this marvel of craftsmanship.

Again another job well done by a great maker KIT CARSON.

Hey all you people that own a Carson add your comments to this post and tell about your experiences with what I know is a great knife.

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Oct 2, 1998
Well, Dead, as you already started a thread for us Carsonites in the Custom Forum, I won't repeat my mindless babbling again here.

So, would it be safe to assume you like this knife?

Use it in good health. You made a fine choice.


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I currently own 4 Carson's and they are all well made! Fit and finish are great! For the price of a custom knife they are hard to beat! Kit's also a great guy and a good friend!
Mike - glad to hear you really like your Carson. Right now I've got Kit's large Model 4 and will take delivery of a long awaited M16 next year. Kit builds some rock-solid folders for sure!

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I just purchased mine 3 days ago. I bought it from Robertson's Custom Cutlery, and couldn't be happier. This boy is ALWAYS with me. It is an absolute piece of perfect craftsmanship. Kit really makes an awesome knife! I purchased the clip point, large, large Model 4. Is yours a clip point?
I am truly impressed by the fit and finish. Just like yours, I can't feel where the handle slabs end and the bolsters start. Haven't used mine yet either - not that I don't want to, just that I haven't needed to.

I am going to purchase a few Outdoor Edge Magnas as well, since I love this design so much. I think it will be neat having a custom and a factory produced copy of the custom. I will use my Magnas as beater knives, but will reserve this custom for finer delicate work. I don't think I should tear up this knife that currently has a 2 year waiting list, to have one made. I will however use it, as that's the best way to appreciate a blade.
How long did you wait for yours? I think it's a tremendous coinsidence that we recently both bought the same blade. I may be wrong, but I don't think there's a better folder out there.

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The model 4 is one of my favorites. You made an exellent choice in both knife and maker.

Let's form a Large Model 4 Fan Club! I'll be President!! I have one in Talonite with cameo green micarta handles. It is soooo nice that I don't even want to carry it.

My large Model 4 is an amazing piece. Not only does it lock up as tight as any knife I own, but it swings open with a thought.

Bought a small Model 4 used, has a little blade play; when I emailed Kit he said send it right in he'd fix it up!

Not only are the knives great, but behind them is a stand-up guy!

Kit; I'll mail that small 4 in soon; funny how things are put off once you *know* that they'll be fixed...

My mind keeps drifting to a Carson auto....