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Oct 2, 1998
Today, I was fortunate enough to take possession of a Model 4 Clip Point made for me by my friend, Kit Carson.

This is the first handmade/custom knife that I have ever had actually made for me, and I must say that Kit did a first class job. (Why am I not surprised? <g>)

The idea was for a knife that would be both a bit dressy, yet rugged and functional enough for daily carry. A bit of a retro look, but using modern high tech materials.

The knife Kit made for me satisfied all of the above. It is his classic Model 4, made with titanium liners, but with jigged red bone scales and a titanium bolster. The steel chosen was CPM 420V, with a satin finish. The back spacer has been fileworked, and adds immeasurably to the overall look of the piece. The liners have been engine turned, and Kit was kind enough to engrave my online nickname, "Bluesman", on the inside of the backspacer. The thumb buttons are lightly fileworked for better purchase.

The overall fit and finish of the piece is impeccable and virtually seamless. I am extremely impressed by the close tolerances Kit builds into his knives, having had the opportunity to examine many other customs and handmades at several shows over the past year or so.

The action is as smooth as glass, and the liner lock engages fully at the left side of the tang with a distinctive click, like a round going into battery. Needless to say, there is no discernible play, and the knife has passed the few lockup tests I have thrown at it thus far. When closed, the blade is smack in the middle of the liners. In essence, the knife is flawless.

I prefer deep pocket carry vs. having much of the knife visible, and Kit took care of this by mounting a clip as high as possible on the bolster.

(Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that the knife shaves hair, for those of you who wondered! <g>)

I don't know what else to say other than that I have had a smile on my face most of the day, and that I am truly pleased and impressed way beyond the technical aspects of this knife.

I realized that "pride of ownership" entered into the equation, having owned a Fred Perrin "La Griffe", and with a Sean Perkins "Kerver" due to be delivered later today. (Look for that review soon.)

All I can say is that there is something special about carrying a knife made by a true artist, a person whom you respect, and even better, can call friend.

My hat is off to you, Kit. Well done.


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I guess the reason Kit wouldn't sell me the one he was making for you was due to the engraved nickname

Anyway you can share a photo with us ?
I think Kit is a great person and obviouly totally into "knives".
I'd like to see more examples of his work.
Do you have any suggestions in this respect ?
I've made up my mind to support him by ordering a custom, particularly since he adopted Adam <g>.
Congratulations Blues.

Let us know about the Kerver.

And the La Griffe too.

BTW did you learn to use your balisong?

Ron Knight

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I'd have thought "adopting" Adam would be sufficient reason to stop patronizing Kit.

I have pix, but I don't know how to post them here.

In terms of folders, Kit's Model 4 and 16 are the ones I am most familiar with, along with some of his older "togglelocks".

You can see some of his knives on his website, but be forewarned it doesn't do justice to his work.


I got the Janich video that was recommended, and so far have been able to learn a couple of openings without any bloodletting.

I doubt I'll ever really become proficient, but just being able to sit and idly play with the balisong and do a couple of tricks seems good enough for me at the moment.

I'll write a short review of the Kerver today. The La Griffe has been covered here and on the "other" forum site, so you might want to check the search function. If that doesn't help, feel free to contact me off list.


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Blues - congrats on being another satisfied customer of Kit's
Here's a pic of his pride and joy for all to see - hope you don't mind, Blues!


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Dona was kind enough to post three pictures of my pride and joy at the following website:

Be aware that the pix don't do the real thing justice, but at least it gives an idea.

Thanks, Dona.


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Damn, that guy knows how to make a handsome knife. I'm almost afraid to ask what it cost. That's a great-looking gentleman's tactical.