Kit Carson's F4 neck knife

Oct 3, 1998
My small F4 arrived today from Kit, and it's a gem of a knife. 2 3/4" hollow ground S90V drop point blade, bead blasted, and G-10 scales. There are no bells and whistles, it's just a stripped down (in a good way) knife with pure performance on its mind. I really like how the G-10 scales are cut a bit smaller than the tang, leavinig a little bit of the tang exposed all the way around. As usual, this knife is pure Carson - tight fit and finish, even grinds, and a vorpal cutting edge. The traction grooves on the tang are aggressive enough to hold your hand in place without causing discomfort in your grip.

The sheath is just as well made as the knife itself is. Frank Sigman does excellent Kydex work, and also includes a feature not found on other Kydex sheaths - adjustable tension so you can dial in the amount of tension required to unsheath the knife.

The F4 carries well, it is small and flat in profile so it does not print underneath a shirt. The attached lanyard provides something extra to grip on to when holding the knife or pulling it from the sheath. Overall, a great neck knife!

Kit's son Jody and son-in-law Mike also have a hand at creating each F4 that leaves his shop. This knife is truly a family affair.

Kit isn't normally known for neck knives, but I believe the F4 has put him on the map. Thank you Kit, Jody, and Mike for a great little piece!
Couldn't agree with you more Dex. This thing ENDED my search for the perfect neck knife and that says it all!
Hey Dexter, any info? URL, $? etc. Thanks for giving me something else to lust for...
First, I have to thank Kit (and Jody and Mike), for making an excellent knife, and Kit for putting up with me pestering him while he had other things on his mind.

Second, I have to thank Blues, for mentioning the F4 a while back....Thanks Blues!

Third, Frank Sigman knows sheaths! I can 'dial in' the release tension of the sheath...and it stays there!

This is a small knife with good proportions and has been one of my daily carries since it arrived. It fits my large hands well (pinky on the lanyard) and cuts like crazy. Not as sharp as I liked as received, it took only a little work to turn it into a razor.

My first experience with BG42...and I like it! Bead blast...but very fine.

Very nice knife.