Kitchen knives and wives

Oct 3, 1998
Anybody ever sharpen the kitchen knives and forget to tell the wife (never on purpose :) ) Cut fingers almost every time. Sorry Honey!

Happy Trails
My wife has aquired an affinity to knives too. She now expects them to be sharp and will ask me to sharpen them if needed. When she does, I joke that she must be flirting with me.

Seriously, let her know that one is more likey to be cut with a dull knife. Since you don't want that to happen to her she should expect you to keep them sharp as a matter of course. Eventually she will learn to "respect the blade" and treat them all as if they wre razor sharp, until proven otherwise. I guess this is like people with guns treating all firearms they handle as if it were loaded until they prove to themselves that it is not.

Hope it helps.


PS : Maybe then she will have a new way to flirt with you.

Seems silly for me to think that any knife is not handled as being razor sharp.

In our kitchen, we simply keep them sharp, honing usually before the blade is returned to the block.

So there is no need to make any dramatic moves from unsharp to sharp <s>