Kitchen Knives

Jul 11, 2003
Hey everyone,

One of my buddies from my motorcycle forum is pestering me for some kitchen knives. Dang it, but if I was a young feller just starting out and needing the cash it'd be a good thing. But I ain't, so seems to me there was a feller here that did pretty much nothing but chefs knves and the like I could refer him to. Who'd that be? Anyone know? My memory fails me. He isn't too happy about it, because he really wants me to make one. I just aint in the mood, hehe. :p
Rhino Knives does a lot of kitchen stuff, IIRC....
Matt Shade said:
Isn't Sando the one who's always posting Santuko's and stuff in here?
I've got a couple pics of Sando kitchen & steak knives archived.... So yeah, Steve would be someone to put on the list.

In going through my archive, I noted again the amazing santukos from Daniel Koster (who mentioned Rhino Knives above). If your bud is looking for that style of kitchen knife, Daniel makes them with astonishingly comfortable looking handles and great fit & finish in drop-dead gorgeous materials.

Another Canadian maker of kitchen blades is Thomas Haslinger, who is a chef in his "other life". Consequently, he should know what a kitchen blade needs to be.

Higgy, Is your bud wanting a western style chef's, boning/utility, or paring knife? Or is he after something from the eastern school of kitchen bladeware like a santuko, usuba, gyuto, etc?
I have done some High Carbon kitchen stuff. No stainless though...
send him my website....
that's too bad.....really like his stuff.....dang.....what's got him down?