Kiwi Question

Aug 4, 2004
My jigged-bone Kiwi currently has a fob, or lanyard, made of that real thin, light-reflecting tent line in a Reeves coil knot. I'd like to replace it with a leather bootlace with a few half-hitches in it. Problem is that dang tiny little hole. Anybody have any luck putting a small split-ring through it?

What fobs or lanyards do you other Kiwi owners have?
2mm round leather that you can get at a craft store works great.
I have used two different forms of lanyards, one a thin thong of Vuitton leather lace with a bone skull, the second a thin piece of multi-colored paracord in a traditional Reeve knot. I love my Kiwi! It is without a doubt, one of the best Spydercos being made.
Cotton twine fob on my all stainless Kiwi, have had similar ones on the jigged bone and malachite ones at times.

Tried to find a split ring use on the all stainless, couldn't find one that would work, so doubt if one could be fitted to the jigged bone as its handle is thicker.