Knife #35 - Hammer End Bushcraft

Mar 29, 2002
Another ironwood and the last of this batch of 6 bushcrafts. This one is RWL-34. Thanks for taking a look.


Specs and pix of other side are here:

Very nice Roger! I've meant to askand you may have mentioned it already but what are you using to finish your ironwood handles?
I think you've about mastered the scandi type, the only thing I would change on that one would be maybe a steel but-cap to use as a hammer head to drive tent stakes and such. Beutifully done.
After finished to 220 grit I fill and level all areas that need it. Then finish to 600 grit followed by heavy buffing and a couple/three wax coats.

Beautiful as usual Roger, I was thinking of a slide on butt cap for it so if you miss, you won't damage that darling wood. Slide on with mini rails milled into the end of the tang would be my choice but I guess the guys here would know better. The cap could then be stored in its own area in the sheath, also if it gets beat up too much just toss it and get another.
Yeah, that should work. The customer wanted this way. If you look closely there is a small notch milled into the end of tang for an elastic strap that locks the knife into the sheath.