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Knife Accessories And "Dealies". What Are Some Of Your Favorites?


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Oct 2, 1998
I love knives and knife accessories and what I call "dealies". You may call them "thingies" or whatever. An example of a "dealie" would be a nice hat pin of one of my favorite knives. Or a decal, or even a miniature knife. An example of a accessory would be an improved sheath, (hey Mike S. and Eric), or case. A better clip for a folder. You get the idea. What are some of your favorites and what hidden gems that you've found you can share with us "knife knuts".
Lanyards. I carry almost all of my knives in pouch type sheaths and the coil knot in the lanyard makes them very easy to withdraw. The first order of business for me when I get a new knife is to see if I can fit a lanyard on it.


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I have a couple. First is the Allen Elishewitz style clip. It is wider and shorter than a regular clip, which helps make it look like something other than what it is. Also, my favorite carry place is in a cargo pants pocket. The clip is the perfect length to be covered up by the flap,but still substantial enough to give good grab on the cloth.The Benchmade 690 employs this, as well as Allen's recent folders.
The second thing is the in-the-pocket folder holder sold by Magills. Go to www.magills.com to find it. It is like a in the pocket gun holster, except for folding knives. It has a flap at the back which holds the knife up vertically and keeps the thing in yout pocket when you pull the knife out. This allows you to carry a 4" folder in your pocket, quickly accessable. And your knife doesn't get beat up by other stuff in your pocket such as keys and change. If you ever need to carry discreetely, I heartily recommend it.

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Favorite dealer is A.G. Russel, there first class, and pro-American! My favorite excessory is the Bandit thumb stud, to put on a traditional lock back. At SMKWs it's item #MI129er, they go for $4.99. Just installed one on a Rigid Beartooth lockback, this is the best one yet. RKBA!