Knife and Tool companies


Mar 28, 1999
Do companies such as columbia river knife and tool and round eye knife and tool also make tools other than knives?If so then what else are they involved in?If not then why do they use knife and tool in their title?
scott w
You know, I always thought that was a stupid affectation too. I think at one time knife manufacturers commonly made saws and scythes, and the tradition has been kept alive just because it sounds good.

Not in all cases, but in many.
I read an artical in blade (I think) about Wenger,makers of swiss army type knives,the blue ones,anyway that outfit made all sorts of industrial cutting tools like planer blades etc.That led me to believe that companies with tool in in their title must be into making that same sort of thing.Any one else know anything of this?Thanks.
scott w
I like to think it`s to advance the notion that knives ARE tools and not necessarily weapons. Unfortunately, many people think of anything that isn`t a kitchen knife or a pocket knife to be a dangerous weapon. I know most school administrators think of knives as weapons. I had one ask me "what planet I was from" when I told him I thought of knives as tools. I even get strange looks at work when I read the blade forums because there`s always some big, tactical looking knife in the advertising header of the page!

I like to think of knives in the same, positive way that Jim Mattis of Chai Cutlery. "Good tools, to sustain life, or at least make life more convenient"
Man`s oldest tool.

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My hypothesis is that it is to leave there options open to make things that are not knives like scissors.

Is a Kukhri a knife?

Most would consider it in a gray zone, maybe not a knife, but definitely a tool.

Or The DivTul, used to be by Becker Knife and Tool, the way it was made it probably wasn't too much of a knife, more a prybar.

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I might be totally wrong, but I seem to remember that Spyderco used to make some kind of a tool other than knives at one point. I appologise if my memory is totally wrong.
I had another thought, maybe the inclusion of "tool" in the name allows them to better argue that the knives they make are tools and not weapons?