knife carry laws?

May 31, 1999
Okay, I know some of you knife knuts know the laws regarding carrying a knife on an international flight(ie: length of blade, etc.) I'm flying to Thailand in a couple of weeks and I'm one of those knuts who feels naked when not carrying a blade. Can anyone enlighten me? Also, if you have any recommendations of knives fitting the size requirements I would be greatful. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
A fellow knife knut,
Monty Fielding


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I don't know the specific laws in Thailand, but was just there in January. I only took SAK's and didn't have any problems. I brought back a couple knives including an auto in my checked luggage and didn't have any problems. The areas of Thailand we were in (Golden Triangle and Bangkok) were very "tourist-friendly" and I don't think we would have had any problems carrying a folder with a clip.
Hello Poboy
I haven't been to Thailand in a few years but the last time I was there I had to check a Gerber LST with a sub 2" blade but my buddy carried a SAK without a problem. I would only take a blade I wouldn't mind losing.