Knife Catalogs?

Dec 28, 1999
what are some good knife catalogs? i would like to be put on mailing lists but I dont really know of too many actual knife catalogs. can anyone tell me some good ones?
Here's some info from a post I made last month:

Here are a few links to good catalogs: - The best production catalog going! Several knife shops use this as their standard catalog, so if you see an offer for a 400+ page catalog, it's likely this same one. - Nice quarterly mini-catalog. - A.G. Russell catalog is a must.

There are several custom catalogs as well. Of course, these are not free like the others. - There's a pic of their catalog on the front page. Scroll down the page and click where it says "Feedback Form" and you'll be able to get a copy free. The annual subscription rate is $18 I believe. - $20 per year for a must-have catalog if you're a custom collector. - You can download and print their monthly catalog that has color pics of all of the custom knives that AZCK has in stock, along with descriptions and prices. I actually pay a fairly outrageous sum of money for a yearly subscription (about $50 or $60 a year IIRC), but the pages are printed on a much better printer than the one I have. And, like I said, I'm a catalog freak!

I hope this info helps.

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