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Knife Cleaning


Apr 29, 1999
I am new to the trade.What recommendations can anyone offer on cleaning high grade stainless steel (i.e. chemicals and/or tools). I have both collectable and utility knives that I would like to correctly maintain.

For starters, I would go out and invest in one or more of the Tuf-cloths(I prefer the Marine as it provides a little more protection).
You can also check out the Flitz metal polish as many people use that and seem to like it.

There are others to choose from as well such as WD-40, CLP(aka Break Free), Super lube and the list goes on.

I am sure others have more and perhaps better suggestions than I, so keep posted on upcoming answers.
Good luck,

Hi Mpp! Hi Shane!

Well, personally I'll go for Marine Tuf-Cloth when it comes to cleaning and maintaining of the blades. For lubrication, I recommend Tuf-Glide, both by Sentry Solutions. After using these, I never went back to using Duralube or WD-40 for protection.

And they smell good, too!

My only question is what to use to revive the Tuf-Cloths, as I've written Sentry Solutions about this, and they told me that it's a sort of "mineral spirit".

Shane, know what this is? or anything that's household and can be substituted for this?

I only want to add one comment, WD-40 is not a good idea. It collects debries and discolors the pockets if you carry your knife there. Some have told me over time it can start to gum up some. I haven't had that problem when I used to use it years ago, it is VERY thin oil.

Go with the Marine Tuf Cloth, Tuf Glide, Rem Oil, or even a silicone spray for best results!


Go to your local hardware store and buy a small can of pure mineral spirits. (Very cheap.)

When your Tuf-Cloth gets dry, you can put about a teaspoonful of the spirits into the pouch with the cloth, and it will absorb it and be back to "spec".

Hope this helps.


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