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Knife collection evolution

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Apr 21, 1999
How has your taste changed since you first got interested in knives? What kind of knives did you collect in the begining as oposed to now? Where do you see your intrest going in the future? Why?
Ken-good question. Began as a kid with Buck's, then got into guns for a long time. Recently got back into knives, and the past few months has been a downward spiral into knife dementia. I already had a couple Emerson production blades, and a few Benchmades when I discovered E-Bay. 4 Blackjacks, two big Gerbers and an EK dagger later, I found Bladeforums. Lost all control. Chris Reeve Mountaineer 1, Lynn Griffith Large Hunter, REKAT Carnivour, Dozier Straight Hunter. Am now trying to sell the Blackjacks etc to get a Sebenza. Help me, someone! I made Senior Member and you'd have thought it was my birthday. As we say in the South, I'm plum eat up with this stuff!

"I'm tired of going over this. They're INVESTMENTS!"
Great !
Concider this like a group therapy thread.Pretend were all in a twelve step program and giving our testimonials .
Were all addicts here and we all need help I'm sure.


Sorry pain killers kicking in getting giddy,time to go

I've been collecting knives for over twenty years. I don't think my taste has ever changed. But, I have learn to appreciate and favor certain refinements, and now I have a better idea of what I'm looking for.

Looking towards the future I would suggest that the growing popularity of knives will continue. The information base will continue to grow, and your clients will have a clearer idea of what they are looking for. I don't think it would have taken twenty years to get to the level of collecting I am at today, if I had had access to the types of tools that are available today.

General walk through traffic will become less important, your customers will be people who come to you because they know exactly what you make and like your style.
One thing I have noticed, as the experience with knives increases, the subtle differences between makers becomes more interesting.

The similarities between certain makers, as the differences, are striking...even to the point that certain autos have similar or different release feels and sounds.

As such there is a "pyramid" effect; as ones' tastes refine a smaller and smaller percentage of knives will satisfy (moving towards the point).

But its all relative...for some, a Benchmade is workin' towards the point, for me a custom Vallotton, for others a Bill Moran.

Hope this helps,


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started as a kid (can't remember which was my first knife). Once I had several I got known as a collector so my relatives gave my knives as a present (some from their journeys from around the world).
As a teenager I bought knives that were avaliable in my country such as Gerber's and Böker's.
A real change in my lif was in 1988 on my second trip to the states when I got in touch with the knife-magazines and mail-order-stores (cutlery-shoppe).
Since then I turned to higher quality knives.
(I still tried to buy as many knives as possible.)
As I got more educated (reading books about knives, visiting knife-shows)I tended to buy some custom knives.
Now I am at the point where I'm not quite sure if to specialise on custom knives. But I' addicted so I can't give up buying (at least some)production knives.
I'm not considering myself a serious collector as I buy whatever I like. Otherwise I am very serious.

I started out with about a dozen different liner lock folders, mostly Benchmades, and a few customs in the 3.5" to 4" range. Now most of my collection are folders with locking mechanisms other than liner locks: Axis locks, Rolling Locks, and integral locks by a couple different names, and smaller lockback folders that carry nicely inside a pocket with no clip. This reflects my nice little pocket knife plus big, reliable pocket-clip folder strategy.

Also, I now own almost as many fixed-blades as folders, though half of them are bowies and short swords. Reflecting my resolve to openly carry fixed blades as often as practical regardless of what my wife says her relatives think about it.

In folders I have been gravitating to smaller sizes and thinner blades. I like them pocketable without clips at least in the smaller size.
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