Knife Collectors Show - alltime low

May 13, 1999
I thought the Knife Collectors Show was funny before - well, they've topped their previous best!

Currently, they're hiring a "blade babe" to help the redneck hosts. I guess they figure the number of viewers will increase by doing this. Sadly, it's probably true - we all know who's gonna be watching as late as the show airs.

On top of this, they actually threw a chainsaw (yes, you read right) into two of their collections. I'm not exactly sure what they're trying for there, but it's fun to watch them cut stuff (including the counter they present stuff on).

Anyone seen anything worse?

JP Bullivant
Well, apparently you didn't see this week's show...O'Dell was stabbing some knife into the stump, and the Blade Babe was a little too close. Another knife came flying off and went right down her shirt...she was cut! Bleeding, even..!
We were laughing so hard, I mean doubled over laughing!
The Monday night antics of Shawn and O'Dell are regular fare in our house. No better comedy on television.