Knife combination

Mar 11, 1999
What is the best knife set do you think?
It depend on situation;hunting(there is different with car,horse,and walk),fishing,camping,mountain climing,yacht,skying,warfield,SOF(in deep forest,desert,sea,or town),or going to office in earthquake land as Japan or CA.
I change words,what knives do you select if you are with heros in adventure novels and movies?"King Solomon's mines"(I don't know whther titles are right.I know only traslated Japanese title.),"The Adventures of Robinson Crousoe","White Fang","Treasure Island","Indie Jones(I don't know correct spell)","The Jurrasic Park","Die hard"and so on.
I think it should be L-M-S,and something added.
L=The large,I need some tough and utility knife or ax.It can cut woods,dig,break ice,cut metal board,cook,or fight with.What I think best is not only one.ColdSteel Trailmaster is one of the greatest and affordable Bowie knife.Khukuris is very good to cut woods but not so useal for cooking.Small ax is much better than a knife,but it is not variously usual.There is some better Bowie knives?Buck M9 bayonet is not so large to cut woods,but light and useal.
M=The middle is what a size?I think it from 4"to 7".4"is length of large folder,like Buck#110 and Microtech USSOCOM.I have Buck#650 nighthawk.It expected main porpose in cooking and many.In other view,I think it better that middle size knife is form 5"to 8"as 4" is folder length and best length for skinning.It is of discution.
S=The small,there is many kinds of style.most is folder,but I know some great fixed blade small knives;Aida hand slelpel and Moki kingfisher.Of couse there are a lot of small great folders.they are main blades in the city.Of couse swissarmy;Victrinox and Wenger produces many great models.I know they are nice steel.There are many usual3-1/2"drop hunter or such hunting knives.
I have something to add this kit for cutlery,scissor and steel pen(sharp steel bar like the pen),and shovel.if possible,detachable ax,shovel,and pickel is great.Letherman type knives is very usual especialy with car.
On my own,if in outdoor adventure or warfield,I carry ColdSteel Trailmaster,Buck Nighthawk,Saji's copy of Randall M11 Alaskan,Gerber E-Z-out,and some small knives.If denger is on city,I use Buck Nighthawk or Saji 5"skelton(my handmade sheath and thin skelton body let me carry conseald in skirt of left shin),Gerber Applegate Combut Folder,Wenger soldier.
Let's imagin to pack your knives for various adventures!

CHic Stone
Hmmm... an "adventure set," that's an interesting idea. I'd probably load up with either a Blackjack (or original Maringer) Vorpal Sword, or with the "combat machete" I made myself:

That would give me most of the utility and offensive potential of a machete, a camp axe, and a sword combined.

Then a solid, medium-sized, easy-to-sharpen fixed-blade. I'd definitely go for a carbon steel because of sharpenability and the fact that any survival situation should have my knife in use daily, so I wouldn't worry about rust from prolonged disuse or lack of cleaning. I'd take a Blackjack Model 5 skinner (or a genuine Randall), but a Cold Steel SRK would probably work as well.

Finally, a folder could come in handy. Can't have carbon steel there - I can't be disassembling and cleaning a folder while on an adventure! I'd probably take a plain-edge Military (I don't want to field-sharpen serrations) because its steel is so good for a stainless. An AFCK would be a close second. I trust linerlocks when they're made well, and they're practically impossible to get jammed or gunked up in a way that isn't easily cleanable.

Oh, geez, I realized I forgot a multitool! I'd need my Wave. How could I have forgotten it???

So, think I'm ready to accompany Dr. Jones on his next quest?


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)

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Unlike Corduroy, I think I would try to find blades in stainless. If I'm on an adventure, I don't want to worry about corrosion and I'll have plenty of time around the campfire to touch up edges.

Large: Gerber's bowie

Medium: Grohmanns D.H. Russell #1 or #4 belt
knife (This knife will probably see
the most use as general utility
including food preparation.)

Small: SAK with saw blade (no need for a one-
handed folder with the other fixed
blades hanging from my belt)

"Walk softly and carry a big folder... and a small folder... and a SAK... and a multi-tool..."
This post was a cool idea. Well here is my answer based upon the fact it is the setup I take on every wolderness trip I go on without exception. This combination has served me extremely well

Large: Timberline Specwar, man what a useful knife. I use this for everything from defense to cutting wood to preparing dinner. Usually does not dull much, but is easy to resharpen in the field

Mid: SOG Seal 2000, another well designed knife, I carry it as a backup incase I loose my specwar. I prefer chisel ground blades, but this one has met my needs everytime as well.

Folder: Benchmade AFCK and Pinnacle, never leave home without a Benchmade

Multitool: Gerber Multilock

p.s. - Alright, when we leaving and where we going

All of God's Critters may have knives, but most of them are stamped with the name BENCHMADE
I think for a larger knife I would prefer a Cold Steel Bush Ranger in Aus-8 for ease or resharpening and corrosion resistance, plus the flat grind/lighter weight.

For a medium knife in special situation maybe Cold Steel Master Hunter in Aus-8 again, for reasons mentioned above. Although I'm not a hunter, this dropped-point, flat-ground FB would excel at the job, plus many other, more mundane utility chores.

For a small knife i actually pick two. A Spyderco Delica '98 for ease of carry, concealability, edge-holding, etc. The other knife would be a Victorinox Hiker (I don't own one yet, but the addition of the small wood saw would make for a handy, lightweight pocket-sized tool.
for a big knife i would choose..a new bagwell bowie by ontario or one of the older ontario large bowies,a clode second i would choose a CS trail master.

as for a medium knife my first choise will be defenetly a chris reeve SHADOW IV and as a close second a CS SRK.

for a small knife a spyderco military and as second spyderco moran.

phone archer.. i don't want to be inflamatory here but i have a gerber bowie and when it comes to real hard use it was one of my biggest dissapoitments from any knife ever.[i had to get it of my chest. ]
Scorpio, no insult taken. I actually don't have a Gerber Bowie, but had heard good things about it. Granted its edge holding may not match some other blades, but I heard it was quite tough. That combined with the stainless and relative good availability is why I picked it. What did you find with this knife and what other knives were you comparing it against?

"Walk softly and carry a big folder... and a small folder... and a SAK... and a multi-tool..."
phone archer,
well the knives it went against [the gerber]were CS trail master and ONTARIO marine bowie. the problem with the gerber is taht it does not hold an edge to say the least and it is a bi#%@* to sharpen.
as for it being though well almost any knife that thick would be prety though,they are all quite though [to the extent i've tried.
but proformance in cutting and holding the edge were poor for the gerber it proformed better then the rest in keeping itself rust free but i'm realy not sure that is my primary prefernce on a knife i need for survival.
I'd have to base my preferences on knives that I'm familiar with…I'm sure that there are newer, more high-tech options out there, but I'd be more comfortable with designs of known reliability. I guess my selections for an "adventure set" would also betray my bias for fixed blades:

Large knife: 15" HI Ang Khola khukuri…IMHO, these indestructible knives are without peer for chopping, digging and other "survival" functions.

Medium Knife: Randall Model 5 (I love the shape of the Model 1 but I'm afraid the double guard would compromise its use as a utility blade).

Small Knife: Spyderco Moran. It may not be a "traditional" blade, but it is an extraordinary tool for skinning, food preparation and any other kind of fine work.

If I were allowed to "bend" the rules and take additional cutlery-related items, I'd also want to carry my Leatherman Wave and a field honing system of some sort…

For four wheeling and canoeing I carry a Kit Carson Big Hunter(91/2" blade)in a rucksack, a custom U2(5" blade)clip point and a SAK climber. I know this is three, I just cann't wean myself. BTW I have used the Big hunter to pop metal bands on ammo crates,puncher 5,30,& 55 gal. drums and cans and have no chips or bends.

I also remmember reading somewhere that the Gurka's usually carried thier Kukris and a SAK if they could get hold of one.



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My standard bush rig is as follows.

Khukuri - Villager from HI, soon to be upgraded to a 15in Ang Khola

Fallkniven A1

EDI Genesis

Leatherman supertool.

Combined with a good set of suspenders to keep my strides up with all that iron hanging off 'em

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Alrighty, here goes:

(1) Iron Stone Belt Axe
(2) Busse Battle Mistress
(3) Gill Hibben Raven (ROFLMAO !!!!!)
(3) Timberline SpecWar
(4) Benchmade Axis Lock 710/*new* Spyderco Military
(5) Leatherman Wave, and a Gerber multitool withOUT the locks just for fun