Knife customization...who 'ya gonna' call?

Jan 18, 1999
Definitely not "Ghost busters"! But, let's just say you have this idea for customizing one of your knives and you would like to have a knife maker/advanced hobbyist handle your customization needs instead of doing it yourself. Who would do the work? In my case, I'm an intermediate Dremel artist unwilling to ruin anything I like very much, like this particular Spyderco 3/4 size stainless Jess Horn. I would like to have some thumb grooves put on the "hump" above the opening hole and some index finger grooves in the stainless handle just before the blade. I would also like some deburring done to the inside edges of the handle and the entire knife buffed & finished nicely. It has to look like it came from the factory that way, as I like good work only. Who would do that for me?


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Honey, I swear that's the last knife I'm going to buy...

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For Benchmade modifications I had Drew Gleason (Corduroy) modify my Stryker and he did quite a good job. I will be posting pics when I get them developed.

He did file work, jeweling, put a carbon fiber handle on it, adding screws and brass spacers and customized my pocket clip complete with my initials in gold. Quite a nice looking knife.

Got a BM you want modified check out what Drew can do for you.


Frank Recupero has just finished a project for me. I have not seen the product yet as it gets shipped today, but I will say that Frank has been a pleasure to work with and very fast. This thread will still be active when the box arrives later this week and I'll let you know.

Thanks for the info Frank & Greg! Gollnick, I would be interested to know how your knife looks when you receive it. Anyone else have ideas or sources?
Kevin Gentile

He is under Knifehead at

And mentioned in my review.

Marion David Poff aka Eye, one can msg me at

I wrote a review of the Kasper AFCK variant, an interview of Bob Kasper, and some thoughts and brainstorms of the AFCK in general. It can be found at . Check it out and tell me what you think.

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I am with Kodiak. Drew Gleason is the first person that comes to mind. He is working on a Brend for me at present.


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Excellent question. Maybe we can post the results in the links section so that others can contact these maestros when they have the need?
Funny, Frank Recupero is the person I think of when somebody mentions modifying Spydies... but if he's not interested, I could do this no problem. I have mostly worked with Benchmades for their easy disassembly, but what you've proposed doesn't need any of that.

Thanks for mentioning me, fellas

-Drew Gleason
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Check out these pics of a couple of Axis locks that Frank Recupero did for a buddy and I"s.Neat. He also did a black blade Sentinel for me that is knock down georgious.


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I tried navigating in the BACKA web site you mention and I can't find the modified axis. Searched on "recupero" and still no joy. Can you help?
Those two BM axis locks that Frank did for you are outstanding! Do you use them at all? I probably wouldn't!



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Honey, I swear that's the last knife I'm going to buy...

Jumbi; go to the pictures section it is the 5th o6th picture down.enjoy
Chad; I was going to carry it but now it is too nice.Sits in a safe place.Thats a shame.
Might make it a "Dress Only" knife.


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I noticed that several folks on the forums seem to have had production knives customized by Frank Recupero. I’ve been a fan of his work for a while and I recently sent him an AFCK for modification. I was wondering if any of the forumites that have dealt with him could give me an idea of how long it usually takes him to complete a project. I know that Chuck mentioned that he was fast; I’m just curious as to how long it will be before I can expect to receive my knife. Please be aware that I’m not complaining about Frank’s turnaround time; I just shipped him the knife and he probably hasn’t even had a chance to start on it. I guess I’m letting my anticipation get the better of me…