knife debuts?

Jan 2, 1999
I was at a knife dealer recently and asked him if when he expects to get the new Spyderco Starmate. He replyed, that often knife manufacturers will pre-advertise products to see if there is enough response to go ahead with the manufacturing of the product. Seeings that the Starmate was first supposed to be introduced in the fall 98', I wonder if he has a point, or if he was simply trying to get me to but a Cuda?
Any thoughts?
I bet he wanted you to buy something. A sale is a sale, no matter if its a Starmate or a Cuda. If I remember correctly I believe there was some quality control problems on the first batch of Starmates. The ones that should have been out last year. They were sent back and now we are waiting on the second batch to arrive. (But I could be wrong
Blades - I believe it is the C53 Herbst model that you're referring to. Last I heard, production for the Starmates are going along quite well.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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Oops. Thanks Dexter. Well the Herbst I saw on my last visit to Beck's. They didn't have the Starmate. Maybe thats how I got confused. Oh well.