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Knife Display Cases?

Oct 27, 1998
Any suggestions on where I could get a nice knife display case. Preferably, a nice cherrywood with glass cover measuring about 24in by 36in or close to it. I'd like to hang it on my wall as a show case. If not I suppose I'll make my own with some luck.


Two places I've had great luck with.
Hampel's Woodland Cases of Goshen IN. phone number is 219-533-7866, but according to their cataloge they don't have a case that large. The largest they offer is 24X12, but their work is outstanding for the price. The 24X12 lists for $29.80.
Another is http:/www.customdisplays.com The largest they offer is 18X24 at $39.00. The problem with a case 24X36 is the weight of the glass. I would suggest getting 2 cases of smaller size.
Hampel's quality is much better than Custom Display's for less money, but both are a good value. I priced the wood and glass to make one myself, and it was close to the price of a finished case.
Hi Salmon;
I agree with Hal, you're better off with
two cases.
Hanging the cases vertically on the wall is
tricky as far as holding the knives in place.
How were you thinking of doing it?
I've been trying to do the same thing....
thanks, Ed E
Ed: The display cases have a foam insert and the lid compresses the knives against the foam. I have the largest case Custom Display makes, and I have mounted my collection of 23 Smith and Wesson Scrimshaw's plus the belt buckels in the case. It is a very attractive display, but very heavy. It required 2 toggle bolts to attach it to the wall. I know the S&W's are cheapos, but the alternative was a stupid painting. I like the knives better. I plan on getting a few more of the smaller ones to house the knives that I leave home for the day. The foam works great to keep the knives secure.
Ed E,
If I don't buy a display, I'll probably modify an existing hanging gun case frame I have with glass. I'll remove the rack and glue or screw some 1x2s to the back of the case(paneling) and drill some dowel holes at about a 30% angle, to keep the knives tilted back just a bit and then stain the whole thing. Another option would be to frame up a little case with at least a 1/2 backing and drill the dowel holes directley into the back of it at the appropriate angle. The dowels will probably be about 2in long, 1 1/2 exposed. The rack will be heavy, I'll have to use some wood srews and hit a couple of studs. I have a small display case(suitcase style) with the red foam inserts. They do work great but I'm looking for something a bit more classy to show off my favorite knives.


Hi Hal & Salmon; Thanks for the tips..
The cases I have are about 1" deep from glass
to wood. They come with 1" foam with a rubber
"velvet" cover.
Trouble is, some of the knives are just about
1", others thinner - I'm displaying a range
of sizes amongst a similar style of knives.
I plan to carve out the foam to the shape of
each knife then cover the foam with silk.