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Knife Expo 2001 - New Murray Carter neck knife

Feb 22, 2000
Well I took friday off to attend the show "all day" 12 to 7pm. It was a good show but seemed a little slow out of the gate.

I went knowing that I could not spend any money unless I sold something first. With that in mind I was able to sell a custom late in the day, (took a loss on it, but gave me enough to buy something else and come home with a "C" note).

I talked to Murray Carter (Tabaruzaka Smithy)
maker of San Mai Steel bladed knives and traditional tools, for a couple of hours and ended up buying one of his neck knives. His theories and method of craftsmanship are very interesting. As I was inspecting the knives trying to decide on which one I wanted he pointed out that when I do make my decision he will then sharpen the blade. Mind you I checked the edges on atleast 10 of the 25 or 30 on his table and they would easily shave. He then used a Japanese water stone (I think that's what it was?) and began to reverse draw the blade first on a fine stone and then on a very fine stone,(standing up, stone in left hand and knife in right) all while talking to customers and answering questions. When he finished about 5 minutes later "WOW" let me tell ya, out of the customs I have had and have now this is THE SHARPEST KNIFE I HAVE EVER SEEN - bar none.

Kim Breed tested one of his camp style blades and it was in the top 3% of anything his tested.

Does anyone else have any of his blades and if so what is the long term outlook?

Blues has done a review of Mr. Carter's neck knife and posted pictures of some kitchen cutlery. A search in the Custom Forum should bring it up. He sure made me want to get one!