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Knife Fighting Movie

Oct 31, 1998
I know someone asked this before,but I can't find the thread.I recall seeing the movie on t.v. maybe a cable channel,probably ten or more years ago.All I recall about it was a knife fighter was training some guy to fight,It may have been in a foreign country,I"M NOT SURE THOUGH.I think the guy wanted to be trained maybe to avenge someone or go rescue them etc.I remember the guy being shown knives to choose from ie.Randalls etc.If anyone can remember this movie like title, foreign made or domestic etc,and maybe where to get a copy if thats still possible.Thanks,RS
The movie is called Exposure with Peter Coyote,Tcheky karyo, Amanda pays and Raul Cortez. Any vidio/music/bookstore can order it for you if they don't have it allready. The movie is set in Rio DeJaneiro but I think it's an American film. Has subtitles and all that kind of thing.
I also remember that thread, did it include what knife fighting art was being used? Anyway it's a pretty good movie.

The spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding
I remember Tcheky Karyo's character referring to the art/practioner as "per-sev" meaning perforate and sever.

No prob Stone.
I wonder if per-sev is a legitimate name or a Hollywood "creation". I can't remember if it was in one of the knife rags or on this forum but some one said that it was a real art and that it was portrayed on the screen realisticaly.

The spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding
The movie Exposure was based on a book by Reubem Fonesca (sp?) called High Art. I have heard this book described as the equivalent of the book Hit Man when describing knife fighting.

The book is out of print and I haven't been able to find a copy of it yet. Any ideas? I have Amazon doing a search on it for me.

I read about this movie in Fighting Knives Magazine. The actors were trained by an ex-commando that served in the Israeli military(IDF).

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The term “per-sev” is used by the author in the book “High Art.” I had Amazon find me a copy a few months ago. Nice book, but that review on the Amazon site that says it’s like “Hitman” and full of gory details is B.S. There is some limited information in the book, but it is not, by any means, a detailed instruction manual for the “high art” of knife fighting.


Hermes, played by Karyo, employed the slash and thrust method involving what he called the "eight lines of attack." they are like eight pie pieces; you slash along the lines and thrust into the individuals pieces. He used lipstick on a mirror to illustrate this. I've got the movie on tape, and other than the visit to the knife purveyor and the training sequences, the movie is pretty damned long and boring. Fonseca's book was both better and different.