Knife for a Lady Friend

Oct 4, 1998
Any ideas on a "throw in the purse", utility folder, big enough to have a deterent effect if ever needed? Oh yeah, in the $30 price range. I'd like to get something for a friend of ours who recently lost her husband to cancer. I was thinking BM Panther, CRKT Mirage or maybe one of the older Spydie Delica/Enduras. A Dragonfly/Cricket class would be good, but I'm not impressed with the size on these if it was ever needed for something beyond cutting cardboard or tomatoes. She's not really a knife person yet, but she's pretty sharp.
Any suggestions, guys and gals?

What about a KISS? (I guess that depends on how good a friend she is
My wife carries a dragonfly which she loves and has drawn in a self defense situation.



Don't under estimate the Spydie Dragonfly! My mother could carry a very wide range of knives,[my dad and I both work for different knife Co.s], but she LOVES her Dragonfly. She carries it clipped in her purse, and uses it alot. Adnittedly, defense isn't her first concern for it, as she has a CCW. But I find that alot of women LIKE the little dragonfly, and will carry it when they would leave other [bigger] knives at home. Its a very useful knife.

Stay Sharp,
Will Fennell/EDI Knives
A Spyderco Native would work well and they are in the 30 dollar range from the net. I carry one every day in my pocket and it's big enough to do the job.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska