Knife, Fork, and Spoon Combination "Knives"

May 6, 2000
A an avid camper, I am always looking for new and improved "gadgets" to make camping a bit better.

There are a number of combination knife, fork, and spoon combinations out there.

For about 4 years I have been using a very inexpensive Coleman brand model that comes apart. You open the fork and spoon that are on opposite ends of the knife and apply a slight inward pressure and then pull and the knife comes apart so that the one handle side has a 2 1/2" knife blade and a small spoon and the other half has a small fork and can opener. It is of all stainless steel construction. Cost about $5. Not great but can be better than eating with your fingers. It can be washed with no problem - even in the dishwasher.

But I have been looking for an upgrade. I was at a gun and knife show recently and bought what the vendor said was a German Army manufacturer overrun, combination knife fork and spoon. The handles are olive green plastic. When folded it is about 5 1/2 long. All of the tools/utensils are stainless steel. The knife blade is about 3 1/1 when open (similar to a large paring knife). It is a lockback! built into one side of the handle is a blade type swing out can opener and on the other side is a swing out corkscrew. The fork and spoon are actually separate utensils that fit into slots in the sides of the handles so that when stored, the "food carrying" side of the fork and spoon is against the handle. The spoon is on one side of the handle the fork on the other. The fork and spoon are a bit small but functional. Each has a 1/4" hexhead nut wrench and the spoon has a 1/4" regular screwdriver blade on the far end of the handle.

The whole thing comes with an olive green nylon pouch that has both a large belt loop and one of the old pre-Vietnam era wire military style pistol belt hangers.

Cost me about $8. The thing looks functional. I have not used it yet but I think it will be ok. It appears to be top rack dishwasher safe (I tested it and it came out fine). It is more substantial than my Coleman model and I like the fact that the fork and spoon come apart from the handle.

Pretty decent. Has anyone else seen these?

Anyone else out there use something similar?


I go with the Ka-Bar.Give them to all the 'little campers' on their first time in the woods.I collect Hobo knive so there is always a few around the camp also.


have a"knife"day
CaseXX makes a seriously nice Hobo.

It comes with a knife and fork w/bottle cap remover. It's available in several different scale patterns. I own one in Vintage Stag and she is sweet.
I just love that stag. It's a shame that stag is not available anymore.

Case's Hobo isn't cheap, and is lacking some of the utensils that others have, but is well conconstructed and worth the money.

The only thing that could make them better, IMHO, is if they would make 'em with spoons.
OK, maybe a corkscrew too. Of coarse, this does provide me with an excuse to carry a SAK along too.

--The Raptor--
I had forgotten that some people call this type of knife a hobo.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by nifrand:
I go with the Ka-Bar.Give them to all the 'little campers' on their first time in the woods.I collect Hobo knive so there is always a few around the camp also.


Richartz makes a Swiss Army knife with a 2 tined fork in it. You may want to check them out @ Richartz or Picnic 5.


They aim for an upscale market with better construction then the common Victornox or Wegner knife so are priced accordingly (expected street price in the $35 to $50 range for various models). I'll be giving one a try when the next load of stuff comes in.

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