Knife forums.


Oct 3, 1998
Knife forums are,of course,somewhat competitive with Blade forums.We want them both.Ther are assets on knife forums that are simply not available to blade forums.I hate to play the sympathy card but,let`s not kick Earl in his time of trouble.We are decent people.

What trouble? The competitive streak is obvious, but it's not jihad. And I did notice their server was down tonight. Other than that, I am totally oblivious with the current events. Someone want to clue me in?
Thanks all. (this is my second gosh) I haven't turned to stone!!!

As I explained in the other thread, KFC had hardware difficulties which caused the thing to choke Friday. This is being worked on, and as of right now, it functions. It should work fine now...but as anyone whose dealt with computers knows, you NEVER know. We'll see if we can "keep it up" hehe over the weekend. Thanks for the kind words.


Ty Stratford
KFC Administrator
I'm voting 5th on the side of decency and "niceness".


Nice to see you here. Thanks for the explanation about KFC. I enjoy KFC, but mostly hang out here. Don't be a stranger - going between BFC and KFC can be stimulating.
If you add rec.knives to the mix - Whoa - sort of like old folks fiber for the brain!
Ty -- welcome! I hope to see you posts here regularly, and the other KF folks, too.

I'm a Forumaholic and I can feel the pain of the KF folks not being able to visit the community...
Now this is truely fantastic! Am I seeing a "mending of fences" so to speak. This is how it should be, togetherness, not bickering. A+ gentlemen!

The spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding