knife free rig rant part 3

Dec 4, 2001
well we had a nice little BS gettogether for all the bigwigs to tell us how wonderful the company is and I managed to talk with one of them about the knife issue.

Looks like about what I expected, most of the operators that rent the rigs demand a knife free rig and the company is catering to it. I basicly got told that they have already been over this and that there's nothing I can do. There was even mention of a hand that got injured using an alternative cutting device but we can't use knives because "we are hurting people" except that we can use them in the galley and to fillet fish!? Me personaly I am probably the last person to sue over anything, but if I get hurt through the use of an alternative cutting device or lack of being alowed to carry a knife I will sue wheather I get a red cent or not.

I don't smoke, but smokers will no longer be alowed to use any lighter of any shape form or fashion(including Zippos, lighter fluid is dangerios don't you know) except matches.

I'm waiting for the strip searches to start.

Once I've found anouther job I think I'll let the CEO know why and in full detail why someone with a Superior rating on every employee review is quiting.

Thanks for everyones imput and suport, I realy apreciated it,
Good luck Will. We're all behind you but we also all know that trying to change some Mgt policy is an exercise in futility. Insurance companies rule. I hope they feel the loss if you do leave.
dude... I hate to say it but you need a union there.... sometimes there just ain't any decent way to get workers rights..

till then... make sure you work half speed.... and follow everyone of their rules to the T.... even if this means using one of their crappy cutting devices... personally.... I'd become Mr.Safety....!! hey...they asked for it so might as well give em what they want...

another idea... is to carefully look for another job .... sometimes you just can't fix the world no matter how crooked it's become..... doh !

good luck
Since there doing it in the name of safty, I'm becoming mr. safty, slower than molasis in winter. Hey, it's better to take an extra hour or three than to posibly, remotly let someone mayby get hurt right? :rolleyes:

And I am looking for anouther job, I was about tired of the oil field before they started this, but now just gives me incentive to find anouther. The 14 days off is great but it plays hell with trying to make showes that always seem to fall on a day that I'm stuck on the rig. :confused: