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Knife Hunting??


Oct 12, 1998
ANyone ever hunt with a Knife?

I got my first taste of this over the weekend down in Texas, hunting Wild Hogs at night. It was a blast, I am hooked.

Anyone else have any experience with this endeavor?
Can you describe your hunt? Did you hunt on foot? Use dogs to bring the hog to ground? Wade in while the dogs pinned the hog to the ground - hopefully - and kill it? Or what?

I’ve always wanted to try this.


Jim Six
Adventure, Intrigue & Cheap Thrills
We let out "baying" dogs to find the hogs, then once they had actually found the hogs, We move to where we hear the barking nd take the "Catch Dog." The catch dog is your friend. Ours was a little pitbull named Rexy. Rexy gets the attention of the business end of the hog while the other dogs (hounds, etc..) are pulled off and held by the guide. Both of my hogs were taken at night, whch meant charging through the thorns and cactus in an adrenaline rush. (Luckily I had recently won a 6Z flashlight over at the Firing Line Forum which I had by the lanyard in my left hand!. When we got to the hogs the guide calls off the baying dogs and lets the catch dog go. Then, when Rexy has the hogs attention, prefereably but biting and holding on to one of its ears, you grab it by the tail, then one of the hind legs, flip it over, use a knee to pin it down and Drive home the Blade. The hogs have an incredibly thick shield of sinew and fat on either side of their chest cavity, so the knife is best driven through what on a human would be the trachea.
(The "shield" trapped a 10mm Hydra Shock inside one boar that my wife shot at about 10 feet.. it is TOUGH!)
Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately!) We never found a BIG 300 pounder while we were there, but I got a couple of littler ones. It really is envigorating. The Baying dogs chased the second one I got into the river and I had to jump in after it, I took that one while in water up to my chest without the help of Rexy.

The Guide offerred to help pin the hog if we had found a big one. He had also offerred to go into the River and catch my second one. Apparently some people let the dog and the guide do all the work except the sticking.. I'm sure the pictures would look just as good, but the video would reveal the truth of the "hunt"......

Contact Krooked River Outfitters in Haskell Texas (use any search engine they have a website) for more information.. Tell them you want "Barefoot Bob" to take you on a Hog Hunt....

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This sounds sick, demented, and like something I would really be glad I did.

What was the cost?


Mouse Assassins inc.

it was and you would, SD.

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A friend who used to live next door to me used to go out in the woods only with a knife and come back 2 days later with a buck. Now that is what I call a hunter. He would cut branches into spears, and make several traps. He would then cover himself in mud and animal fecal matter and wait. Then along came a deer and he would shoot a blowgun in the oposite direction and force the deer into his traps. It was un beleiveable til I went with him one time and witnessed it for myself.

Next year I will go hunting with Wil from EDI and his dad from Camillus along with several magazine writers like Steve Shakelford, Anthony Lambardo, Bob Kasper and others. I will hunt with only my blowgun and a knife. I will let you know if I am successful or not. Of course I will have my Sig 226 for those funky wild boars!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Mike: Mud and fecal material huh? Sounds like he went home alone from a lot of bars on Saturday nights
. All kidding aside, what you describe sounds fun, but here in Ohio it is considered poaching, and it does carry a heavy fine. For anyone reading this , best be safe and check local and State regulations first. If hunting on a private reserve, it would be best to also check what the law says concerning the matter. YMMV, and other State laws may be different. Best to be sure.
Het me get this straight Hal,

Are you implying that it is legal in your state to hunt with a rifle or any long gun but not with a knife or even a more archaic form of weaponry?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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The good thing about hunting with a knife is that you can kill and butcher at the same time, whereas with most hunting rifles this is not the case. Of course there are some exceptions when you get to the larger calibers, 20mm and above.

Ron Ruppé
Instead of having to search through the various threads on the hunting forum, here's a direct link to RJP's pictures:


By the way RJ, you neglected to mention your blade of choice for the hunt...a Harley? MadDog? what?


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That link works, but I thought you guys might like some background on what the other pictures were all about, which can be found through the first link...

anyway. I used a one of kind custom knife made by Chuck Staple. Though I am going to encourage him to go into production and call it "The Pig Stapler"...get it? I'll get some pictures of it for you guys. It is very similar to a knife he made for soem members of the LA County Bomb Squad.
I am not really a "knife guy" so I don't know the technical terms, but it has a thick heavy blade and the platesof the handle are wood laminate. The handguard and center of the handle are cut from the same piece of steele as the blade...it is all one piece. It has about an 7-8 inch blade and is about 15-17 inches long. I'll get you guys some specifics if you are interested. Chuck makes awesome knives, I've got several of them, most of them are beautiful showpieces with lots of stag, scrimshaw, walrus tusk, whale tooth and other interesting materials, but this one is obvisouly a work horse.
If you show up at the hunting camp with FECAL MATTER anywhere on your body you will NOT be allowed in the house, near the food, the fire ring, and most importantly, the beer cooler. We won't even go into BLOWGUNS yet.....Lets start you out with a RIFLE. But if you get fecal matter on my .308......

Will Fennell

I may be full of it but I sure as hell aint gonna wipe it on my body!

I am sure I can find a trusty old rifle round here some where. Would an M-60 be too much? Makes Swiss-Deer!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Lead - Follow or get out of the way!

I've read that Larry Harley makes some very good custom knives that are designed for hunting wild boars. They look strong. I wonder what they cost???

I think Harley's knives where going for $450 at the NY Custom Show. Did you know that he runs pig hunts!

The hunting episode described reminds me of a friend. Now read this for knowledge. The year was 1984 and I met my new neighbor who eventually became my friend. He was only 19 and had killed only 20 deer. By the year 1990 he had killed between 200 and 300 deer. I never will forget him. However, he did go hunting with only a knife. What he did was use cover scent and attractant scent, a salt block and a tree. Of course, he was somehow lucky and attacked the deer with a Buck 6 inch sheethe knife. He injured it badly enough to follow the blood trail. He found the deer over 3 miles away still suffering where he was able to finish killing the deer with the knife. I called him deer hunter. However, luck finally ran out on him in 1996 when he got caught illegally hunting. He lost his wife, job of 13 years, and got a big fine. As for myself, I still haven't killed a deer in my life. I want to kill my first deer this season. So you are right, always follow the rules, laws and regulations of this country. I have learned you can do things wrong sometimes but you will get caught one day. He killed to many deer in a year and the bag limit is only a few. He killed only one deer with a knife.
By the way, I went to the knife show today in Franklin, TN and it was nice as I bought two commemorative knives. One was Mark McGwire while the other is Princess Diana. I now also have Dale Earnhardt, Elvis Presley, Ty Murray and John Wayne commemorative knives. It is now complete. I will be going to the Pigeon Forge, TN Knife Show on December 4 - 6. I would recommend anybody to go to this show. They will have over a half million knives. About every knife you can think of will be here. It is at the Grand Hotel and does costs a couple dollars to get in. Hey, by a Buck Knife in memorance of my old friend who finally got caught. Ha ha

in memorance,