knife I.D.

Mar 27, 1999
I am trying to identify a knife that I have had for a while.
The blade is around 5 inches long. It looks like a hunting knife
type blade. There is a blood groove? around two inches long about
1 inch above a brass thumb guard. The handle is plastic and designed
to resemble white stag. There is an aluminum? pommel and black and
white spacers. It is a stick tang knife. The blade has solingen, Germany
stamped into it, along with the numbers 13110, and a fist with three
arrows. Any help in identifying this knife along with the age would
surely be appreciated. Thanks.
I know I've seen the fist with 3 arrows somewhere, but can't remember where. I just checked Goins' Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings (1998 edition) and it isn't in there. I'll check a few other books - I remember that marking from somewhere.

I just looked up a similar knife earlier this evening. I got it at a garage sale and was curious. Levine's 4th says that mark belongs to Precise cutlery. The book says it was produced from 1954-1966 and was a contract made by Voos and/or Schlieper.

Good find DaveJ. I looked in Levine's, but missed that description. I think you probably look a little more carefully when you actually have the knife in hand.