Knife implementation.

Apr 19, 1999
Hi, you guys remember me posting about knife frustration awhile ago? I've got another case for you. Last weekend when i went to this club with my girlfriend and pals, two guys from another group tried to pick a fight with us and one of them pulled out a butterfly knife 4' long. Although it was consealed in his hand when he reach for it, i immediately noticed the knife drawing action. But my friends didn't even see a thing or giving it a second thought. I went for my delica and was thinking:'Do i have a chance?' but we talk it out eventually cause they (the other group) hold back the two guys who started it cause they were drunk. The moral of the story is, my friends was disagreeable with me for pulling out the delica! Sure i ask my girlfriend to move away from the scene but the my friends was not happy. At least the threat of him having a knife will be reduce because i had one too! He might think twice of striking? (drunk as in still be able to stand or talk stright but at a point of high) Let me know what you guys might have done. Thanks.

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You handled it just fine. No one was hurt. If you had stabbed that guy you probably would have lost your friends, girlfriend, and freedom.
On the other hand if he would have come at you with it a swift kick to the nards might have taken the fight out of him.
Nothing is worse than a drunk with a knife unless it's a drunk with a gun.


By the way, him seeing your knife might have set him off and made things messy.

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You did the right thing! Really, I don't understand why your friends would be upset....I wonder if they would have got upset if you or one of them got stabbed and that you had a knife but chose NOT to use it??
.......another drunken jackass dragging the good name of Balisong through the mud.....ya' should have taken him out for me! (kidding of course) Ya' did the right thing. I had a friend killed by a knife wielding attacker years ago. He never did understand why I loved and carried knives all the time.....until he took his last breath, I guess.I often wondered if my being there (knife in hand) would have made a difference.

Clay G.

Clay, my condolence. My best friend's brother too was attacked by 4 man armed with knives. He had multiple stab wounds but was lucky enough to escape death. A successful D.J now in England's music scene and i'm glad nothing permanant left behind. The thought of having one (knife) lets me know i have at least a chance even if i don't make it out at the end of the attack. I'm sure you guys agree and i dedicate this tread to all the people, loved ones and the ones that we read on papers and have some thoughts of but never really matter cause it wasn't US! Put that thought aside and care at the very minute you read this for it might happen. Cause what happened at the club really made me think at that very moment i drew out the delica....

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