Knife in "Gone in 60 Seconds" ?


Jan 31, 1999
It belongs to the character named "Sphinx", and makes several appearances. Looks to me like an AlMar SERE, but it's an auto.
Did it look like this?
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Indeed !

I immediately spotted the distinctive blade swedge and the handle guard in the movie (that's all you could see anyway), but I was not sure if the SERE came in auto form.

Of course, I kept this to myself. My wife still can't beleive I can name year & model of many classic/muscle cars by a quick shot of a grill or taillight - she would freak out if I could name specific knives in a 2-second shot of film !
Well, I haven't seen it on my DVD player yet, so I can't freeze it on that frame, but to me, it looked like a Paragon.

What IS fun though, when you have a DVD player, (saw the second part on DVD at a friend's house) is when Cage gets the GT 500 at the end, and Angelina Jole (spelling?) gets all excited and starts bounding up and down with the sun in the background...well, let's just say the zoom, and A-B loop feature is all too much fun!!!


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