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Knife Injuries

Jun 20, 1999
People always tell me that knives are too dangerous, that I'll end up cutting a finger off, or something of that sort. Yet the only injuries I've ever inflicted upon myself with one of my knives are superficial cuts on my fingers. I was wondering if I am alone in this. Have any of you guys ever really injured yourself with one of your knives?
When I was about 11 I sliced into my thumb at the top of the joint. Thankfully my parents didn't faint at the sight of blood gushing out bandaged me up real good. Once the adrenaline was gone it hurt like hell with every heartbeat. Took 6 months before I could bend it again. Looking at the scar now it is just a 'flesh wound' but when your 11 it felt like cutting your thumb off.

I was whittling a piece of wood and cutting towards me. Rotated the knife just enough that the blade lost its purchase, slipped and cut deep into my thumb. Maybe that's why I don't do things now like brake the tip of the blade, induce lock failure, etc.
EXACTO knives have left plenty of marks from modeling but thats about it. That is beside the other little nicks from playing with knives (flicking open and closed) while not paying attention while watching TV, etc.
My wife has nick named me "Stumpy" and has located a supply of band aids close to my recliner where I absent-mindedly flick small pieces of flesh off the ends of fingers. Does that count?
I haven't cut myself with a knife for about 20 years. However, paper, screwdrivers, ice picks, etc. are another story.

Hey Timmy TTT,
You too? I sliced the crap out of my thumb when my Cliphanger closed on me one time. It was my own fault though. You know that "wrong tool for the job" thing! Ouch!!

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It's been a while, but in my Boy Scout days I ended up in the camp medic's office after slicing a small piece of the tip of my thumb off while whittling. This was the result of an extremely dull SAK (I didn't know a thing about sharpening).

Also in my Boy Scout days, and much more serious, was the time I buried the entire 3" or so of the same SAK blade in the back of my knee while goofing around with the knife. I pulled the knife out and thought it had just gone through the pants until I noticed my pants and the floor were soaked with blood; there was no pain at all. That one landed me in the emergency room.

I guess I was a clumsy kid.

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Once with a kitchen knife. Prying apart frozen hamburger patties. In one side of the fore finger of the hand holding the patties and out the other side. 12 stiches in all and two small bone chips.

Nothing serious though.

Lots of little knicks and cuts but then I use knives of all sorts almost all the time.
being a knifemaker......let me say...the most dangerous tool is the one you respect the least....i have cut myself more times than i can count....several of my friends on occasion....always because i wasnt being careful...was tired...or was SCREWING around..lots of stitches...not just the scratch kind......be careful....its sharp for a reason.....your skin is not very tough, no matter who you are....


Well, I've said it before. I have a cut on my left hand from training w/ 2 butterfly swords (kung fu weapons) custom made by Kris Cutlery. I should've gotten stitches and typing was a bear. I did go into some shock and was ready to lose my lunch.

On the same left hand, I have a minute puncture wound from an Indian Katar (fist dagger)again while training w/ my swordfighting instructor. The point actually penetrated my shirt w/out leaving a visible hole. This scar is located under side near my elbow.

Keep the Band Aid's handy and go to ER if necessary. You only have a 8hr window to get stitches. Beyond that, it's dress and redress.

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Soloman, lots of times when I was younger and learning how to use a knife. For example I was cutting up a piece of wood once and believe it or not hand one hand holding the stick and was pulling the knife down towards it with my other hand. I hit a knot and gave a sharp tug to force the blade through. It went past the knot and buried itself 1" into my thumb, neatly splitting it. The knife luckily missed the bone. I still have the scar its clearly visible as a neat scallop.

People often complain about giving knives to younger people as "they are going to get hurt". Yeah of course they are, but they will no matter if they have a knife of not. When I think back about the injuries I had, the ones with the knives were the least serious as I had at at least some respect for them (which quickly grew with use).

There's an axiom among serious whittlers, to wit: No carving is finished until bloodstained. I manage to keep make this the truth all too often.
Got twelve big stitches in one leg from a little pocket knife while whittling, and lost the tip of a thumb.
Perhaps I should use something less dangerous. Chainsaw, explosives, axe. . .

Desert Rat

Knife injuries. I have had a few "accidents" that have caused me to scamper off to the ER seeking the services of a skin seamstress. The one that sticks out though is the one that occured last Labor Day. I had just finished sharpening a Mirage and stuck it into a post. I stepped back over to retreive it and two things happened at once. 1. I got my hand on the handle and 2. I stumbled on a piece of trash underfoot which resulted in my hand slippng off of the handle and riding on up the blade. End result? My right index finger was half severed. 3.5 hours of microsurgery to reattatch blood vessels, nerves and tendons. That little bout of stupidity has cost me over $5000.00 to date and the surgeon says if I want full use of my finger (Duh?!! ya think?) then I have to go back under the knife to finish the repair. I cannot fully close my finger and it is semi-numb and painful (go figure) all of the time.
Sooo.. knives are pretty much my life. I collect knives and I make knives as a hobby. I eat, sleep, dream and live knives, and I probably always will, but please keep in mind ALWAYS that a knife should be respected. Keep your wits about you and remember that this is a tool that will bite you if you get careless or complacent. I hope and pray that this unfortunate incident does not put you off of knives for they truly are one of Man's most fascinating and indispensible tools!

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I cut a tendon in my pinky about 14 years ago when I was fooling around with a custom Pacific Cutlery balisong. It took micro surgery (tendon graft) and months of rehab to get it working . It still doesn't bend all the way down, but it is functional. I definitely learned my lesson with that cut.

Stay safe,

I guess I've been lucky; have been playing with guns and knives for over 20 years without requiring anything more serious than a bandaid.

Did run into my desk once - broke a couple of toes - I am all for banning desks.

Well, I'm sure that as time progresses my semi-painful little nicks will become more serious and painful. Hey, if I'm lucky I'll be headed to ER in no time!

About 20 years ago I was clearing brush around my first house with an old GI machete.

I was sharpening it with a funny little devise that had a plastic handle with a guard and two blocks of what I think was a super hard steel held in a V by a set screw.

Somewhere along the way the set screw fell out and between one pas and the next one of the steel blocks fell out.

The next pass with the thing and it slipped sideways off the blade. The top of my left index finger struck the edge of the machete right on the second joint and opened the finger to the bone, or more accurately, the joint capsule.

I did not go to the emergency room. Just bandaged it up and let it take care of itself. It healed up fine but the joint was enlarged for many years. I had no feeling on the top of that finger for about three years.

20 years later the joint is almost the same size as the right. feeling is completely normal, and almost no scar remains. Never used that little gaget again though.

i cut myself quite a bit-just tiny nicks though, its rare they need any kind of bandage. i used to cut my fingertips a lot when sharpening-all i had were small stones, id hold them in one hand, and slide the knife across with the other, and after a while id get careless, a fingertip would creep up over the edge, and i would slide the knife over and slice into my finger-luckily the knife was usually sharp by that point so it didnt hurt, and it healed up quick.
im glad i have fingernails-they must have saved my fingers numerous times-especeally when doing kitchen work
Worst injury I ever had with a knife was when I was sharpening a sickle with a steel and slipped. Just a little cut across the knuckle, nothing serious. Scared my parents a little because they didn't really want me using the thing in the first place anyway. Now that I've told everyone haw lucky I am, I'll probably go and cut off a finger with Delica or somehting. Oh well.

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