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Knife laws in canada and shipping suggestions

Discussion in 'Knife Laws' started by S.Alexander, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. S.Alexander

    S.Alexander KnifeMaker / Craftsman / Service Provider Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Jul 7, 2013
    I just came across a really good post on another knife related forum and thought I would share the info. It could come in handy to a lot of people.

    It explains Canadian knife laws in general and has good suggestions for cross border shipping.


    hopefully this can become a sticky....

    Shipping knives to Canada from the USA - things you need to know:

    almost any knife can be shipped, there are exceptions:

    NO switchblades, OTF/automatics (these can ONLY be owned by law enforcement officers) , push daggers, gravity knives or knives with fully enclosed handles (ie knives with built in brass knuckles etc). SOME knives with enclosed guards are allowed, like the SOG Tigershark.

    ASSISTED OPENERS (where the blade is opened via an extension on the blade itself) are LEGAL......however........if the pivot is loose and the knife can be flicked open with a wrist flick, that knife will be deemed ILLEGAL........

    NO knives with ivory handles are allowed, this seems to be a gray area however..........

    double edged blades, swords, cane swords are all legal to own and possess in canada.

    please realize that ANY folder knife that can be flicked open with a hard wrist flick, will be deemed ILLEGAL by the Canada Customs officer. THIS INCLUDES PERFECTLY LEGAL KNIVES THAT HAPPEN TO HAVE A LOOSE PIVOT BOLT...............please please please tighten the pivot bolt BEFORE shipping.


    Shipping methods:

    the one and only shipping method USA sellers should use to ship to Canada is USPS. Yes, this means a trip to the post office and a form to fill out. Please read on as to why USPS is preferred by Canadian buyers...........USPS integrates seamlessly with Canada's Postal System (Canada Post). A parcel can be tracked on either USPS or Canada Post tracking websites. As well if there is any Brokerage fees, they are usually very minimal (6 - 10 bucks)

    UPS - DO NOT USE> UPS charges a "fee" ranging from $40 and up for 99% of all parcels sent to Canada. While UPS is convenient for USA sellers, it is pure hell for us Canucks..........in the wallet...........i once had a UPS brokerage fee of $200 for a $75 blade.

    fedex, puralator etc, same thing < insane brokerage fees....do not use.

    USPS is the number 1 choice for shipping to canada. Please please please use USPS, we Canadians dont mind waiting a few extra days or paying a few extra bucks for your time in going down to the post office.

    There is a form at the post office you need to fill out, stating the contents of the parcel. Camping Tools or Cutlery or Hunting Tools is what you put in the description. In the VALUE section, you can either put it as a gift, or list the real value, HOWEVER..........please be advised that any value amount listed MAY be assessed by Canada Customs and charged to the buyer.

    Packaging a knife for shipping:

    Canada Customs peeps does NOT like surprises.....surprises like getting cut or poked. This makes them angry and they will seize the item and blacklist the BUYER. PLEASE make a heavy cardboard sheath if shipping a fixed blade that does not have a sheath. Duct tape and heavy cardboard are your friend. As for other knives....a simple zip tie around folders (esp assisted openers) prevents the customs dude or dudette from any surprises. Please tighten the pivot bolt on any folder as well.

    Small boxes or envelopes are just fine for shipping, no need for big boxes and wads of packing material. Keep it simple, small light and cheap.
    hope this helps the USA sellers!
  2. Wood Welder

    Wood Welder

    Oct 18, 2013
    Nice, thank you! :thumbup:
  3. dudeinthacanoe


    Nov 28, 2012
    It seems to me that our knife laws are actually generally laxer than most states... but for some reason it seems like most Americans dont want to deal with us. We certainly get hosed on shipping... being less than 2 hours from Buffalo i pay more than someone in California for postal service... i dont get it.
  4. wisnoskij


    Dec 13, 2012
    Well, we have "laxer" laws because the discretion is left completely up to the police officer.

    They can haul you into jail for a swish army knife, if they choose to.

    And the complete ban on defence of any kind is pretty strict and ridiculous.

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