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Knife laws in Oklahoma

Oct 22, 1998

Have not seen this question posted before and I have looked. Anyone know what they are?

Hi Katz,
Where are you ? I'm in OKC.
"Simple possession of a switchblade knife appears to be allowed by our laws".
I've been told this by two educated attorneys and have seen publications by Chuck Karwin (Tactical Knives)to that effect.
Other laws can be found on James Mattis's web page (Chai Cutlery).
Additionally, our DA considers them with CCW permits, but will not list them specifically.
"Simple Possession" cannot be associated with transportation, particularly with respect to intrastate, as the latter is federal.
We are pretty fortunate here in OK.
Later, Bill

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Hey, katz -

I'm in Tulsa. Where are you?

I don't know about the letter of the law. I have a couple of LEOs and a PI in the family, and they say that you will probably run into the "blade the width of the palm of the hand" rule of thumb, at least in T-Town. While that may not be what's in the books, that's where the rubber meets the road. Hope this helps. I'd be interested in knowing the statutes, as well.

Take care,

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