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Oct 4, 1998
A short while ago, someone had asked what is a good lube for knives, and specifically autos. I mentioned a product called "DROP'L DO". Someone else agreed that it was a good product but hard to find. Not any more.

The product is made by a comapny called LubaCon Systems, Inc. in White Cloud, MN. Their phone number is 1-800-LUBECON.

The product is a thin film, dry penetrating lubricant, and it works just great! (Great on firearms, too.) It is made of molybdenum disulfide in a carrier vehicle (smells like mineral spirits.) You can order direct from the company. It's also a good rust preventitave. If you're looking for a knife lubricant, try some of this stuff.

Hey chance,

Thanks for the info. Hope you saw my post on using Sentry Solutions' Smooth Kote on the HALO's charging rod in the Automatic section.



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Has anyone tried Remington Dri-lube? This will not prevent rust but should provide teflon level lubrication w/o attendant dirt attraction of most oil lubes. I use this when cleaning handcuffs due to oil lube's gumming up action by attracting dirt...

RE: Remington Dry-lube

I picked up a can of it and have used it occasionally and haven't really formed any opinions on it.

The staples that I have become happy with (and I have a whole box of trial stuff) is:

- Breakfree CLP
- Remington REM-Oil
- Sentry Solutions Tuf-Cloth

All are fairly easy to find and work well.

Doug, I think your are well equipped. Toss in a little wax (Renaissance or butchers wax) and you have all you need.

Re: Rem-Oil. I'm a huge fan of it where I don't mind attracting a little dirt or carbon. I recommend this for the slide rails on semi-autos. We have used it in my area for several years with no lubricant related feeding trouble on our Sig p-220's. I've had slide rails run dry on Break Free due to extended use between lube jobs. I do tend to shoot hundreds of rounds a day in training though. The Rem-oil can evaporate or dry out but in my experience the Teflon particles left behind must be what keep the gun running with no hiccups. I would think this should work the same way on a folder...

My .02

Waldo -- thanks for the advice. I know most folks are either RemOil or CLP types, I've always had great luck with CLP but only in the last year started playing with the RemOil.

Speaking of gun slides, I'm a Glock armourer and have been somewhat of the "mostly dry" school of minimal lubrication, usually using CLP or REM. I recently played with the TetraLube stuff just on a lark and wasn't very happy. Even with minimal applications it seemed to really collect mung.

I normally just dab the points with CLP and wipe down the rest with a Tuf-Cloth. You can go right away to shooting 500+ rounds with nothing more than a wipedown and buildup is minimal.

On a side note, have you played with MP3 or whatever that non-toxic stuff is called? I know of several Glock folks that tear down and soak in that stuff and use pretty much no other lube and swear by it.

Since you are a Sig guy and most Sig folks seem to be pretty technical folks, I'd love to hear some of your other thoughts on lubes.

Doug & Waldo:

Either of you ever heard of Militec-1? A lot of armorers and gunsmiths swear by this stuff. I've been using it for about a year and find it beats Rem-Oil, Shooter's Choice FP-10, etc.

Info and the manufacturer's link is available at: http://www.bwv.com

Doug & Bob,

I have not used the MP3...who makes this lubricant? I use the FP-10 oil for surface treatment. Another item I like is the RB-74 cleaner with a bronze bore brush (gently!) for removing any minor surface rust that seems to magically appear on top of those mags in their pouches during the summer months. As a Glock user you don't have that worry
. The Tuff Cloth by Sentry - is this analogous to the Outers Silicone Cloth?

I also have not tried the Miltech-1. Is this also a Teflon based lube or one of the high speed drill lubes perhaps?


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