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Knife magazines

Dec 19, 2000
I bought a copy of TK back in Dec., and it is still the current issue?? what is their schedule?

speaking of schedules, what are they for the other knife magazines??

sorry if this is on the wrong forum...if u must throw something, make it custom...

"sorry if this is on the wrong forum...if u must throw something, make it custom..."

You got good taste so I'll jump in and be a target too.

Blade (towards the beginning of the month) by subscription or the middle of the month depending on how many people read it before it gets to my mailbox. (I could tell he was not working over the holidays because they came on time and in nice shape.)

Knife World - same by subscription.

Knives Illustrated - every other month usually towards the end of the month.
(again by subscription).

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Tactical Knives and Knives Illustrated are put out every two months. Blade comes out monthly. The new TK is May 2001 and has a Greco La Duena on the cover. Hope this helps
The main knife magazines are Blade magazine, Tactical Knives, Knives Illustrated, and Knife World. All of them operate like most monthly magazines and publish about two to three months ahead of the actual date. My latest copy of Knives Illustrated is the April edition.

Web addresses for each:

Blade Magazine

Knives Illustrated


Tactical Knives

Happy Reading!
thanks guys...hey, where are all the pretty custom knives?? [mumble]dang, i thought it would work[/mumble] lol


Darn I tried, but I can't throw that far.


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Thanks for the effort. I think I have a solution. Throw the knife into a box. Then tape the box up quickly, and UPS it to me. When I open the box up, it will complete its throw. Hey, it worked for Bugs Bunny...sorta. LOL.

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Don´t miss the May 2001 of Tactical Knives!

I am in it.

Me too - me too


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