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Does anybody have suggestions on good knife magazines. I've read Tactical Knives and Blade and have found that I devour both in a day. I need more reading material. I've also found that TK has better articles.
I've found that Blade is a bit of a "fancy" mag as well. By far the best, in my opinion is Tactical Knives. The best articles, and they feature more "real" working knives, not just $1200 fancy damascus jobs.

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There's another called, 'Combat Knives'. Talk about 'working' knives!

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there used to be a Magazine called Fighting Knives but alas it has gone out of business. it had good articles and photos of some of the latest tacticla knives. But I guess lack of interest at that time causd it to go out of business.

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Wouldn't it be nice if Bladeforums resumed its online magazine. Too bad it only lasted one issue. Surely we have enough members here (6,000+) to justify restarting this online rag? Even a small fee would cover it with enough subscribers, right? Any comments Mike, Spark?

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I think there were only about 100 or so people so subscribed to the magazine which is probably what killed it as that is only about $2500. Not much to try and run a magazine on. However if Mike had let it run for awhile this may have picked up. You can't really expect a huge initial turnout.

I think if it was formatted to allow easy printout (pdf) there would have been a bigger response as well as it seem to be a little on the small size to me - but then again I don't read knife magazines in gneral so that may have been normal.

I personally wrote about a years woreth of articles for to The POINT and supplied pictures. I undertand that the magazine will be forthcoming with new articles etc.. As with Keatings Modern Knives cyber mags don;t quite make it yet..Modern Knives just became a FREE magazine as well...not enough subscribers..The pleasure of a magazine is taking it with you...and this type of magazine still isnt the way..maybe with color palm tops that have internet access.....
BUt Mike and BLADEFORUMS will have the magazine updated soon!
Fighting Knives did not die out due to lack of people...
What's left of it WAS killed by BLADE.
have a great day...