Knife Nirvana

Dec 20, 1998
I find myself in a strange place. A place unknown to me. Since obtaining my MA SOCOM and the arrival of my BF Native, I find myself at peace with my collection. No knife sings it`s siren song to me. I am afraid. Has the steel lost it`s luster? Help me my brothers and sisters. Has this ever happened to you? Did you get over it? How can this spell be broken.

never a dull moment

I had my Busse Battle Mistress, Tops Interceptor model 302, and Simonich D2 Wambli all arrive within a few days of each other. This was almost 1 1/2 months ago! I'm still at "peace" with my collection. Ther has not really been anything that has sparked my interest other than the anticipated arrival of my Decorated Large Sebenza in another month or so. I think that eventually, something will spark your interest. I find it a relief that I am not buying and trading like crazy (at least for a little while!) i think when you get to this point, it means that you are ready to start buying things you really want and not just the latest fad knives. I wish I had every dollar back that I wasted on knives that I could hardly wait to get, but was ready to get rid of within weeks/days.

I want more, I just want to be sure I really want them instead of spending money like water to get everything!!


Chris Canis
For my own financial well-being, I hope I can soon discover the same kind of peace soon
. Unfortunately, I still get excited like a kid in a candy store whenever I read a new cutlery magazine or find a new knife website...

After all, how many knives do I REALLY need...?
I know the feeling. My MA SOCOM arrived on Monday and I can't put it down. Just hope I don't feel this way long....
Brother Carver,

After I get my Carnivour, I think/hope I will feel like you. That is, of course, until Spyderco releases their RL models...

Have you looked into custom knives? Take a look at

If those don't grab you, there are plenty of makers out there who will work with you on your own design.

If neither of those options spark your may have Fallen. Don't worry, there is help, try contacting your local black sheep Catholic priest.
Hmmm, I will be in temporary knife nirvana when my Elishewitz custom arrives, then I will have to get something else, and maybe just one more thing...and God help me if I can make it to the knife store...

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Well said Chris,I couldnt say it any better. I too have a bunch of knives I wish I could just close my eyes and wish my money back. I think my next knife will also be a Sebebza.


If you really are a true collector, this feeling will pass quickly.

It is possible, however, that you are not a true collector and have only misdiagnosed yourself as one. It is possible that what you thought was collecting was really searching -- searching for that one perfect knife, which you have now found.

We could send a blood sample out to the lab for testing, or just wait a week and see if the feeling passes.

Blood test?? Ummm....errrrrr, y`know, that new Boker Brend does look pretty sweet.....

never a dull moment
Trust me Carver, it's temporary. I too have just recently experienced being at peace with my collection. It all happened after I took delivery of my Carnivour and the Buck Master Series Model 119. I felt the contentment that one feels after having attained a long sought after goal. I just sat back and basked in the peace of the moment. I brought out all of my favorite acquisitions (old and new) and just fondled and admired them (blush). Now, after a few days, I find myself thinking about that Fallkniven S1. I ponder and mull over it and now I am wanting it. I am now getting urges to RUN to the ATM, withdraw that money and thrust it on the counter of my knife dealer! Oh yeah, baby, I'm wanting it real bad! Give it to me! YES!YES!YES! AAAHHH... that's much better. Does anybody out there know a good therapist?
I was at peace when I got my Axis.Soon after, the feeling was leaving me.I had to have a Pinncle,then a BF Native,and now a Pioneer.I think it will never end.Now I'm back to step one again,too many knives and not enough hands to use them all.
scott w
I must admit I've gotten carried away lately,been on somewhat of a blade binge. Over the last 3 weeks I have purchased M/T SOCOM M/A B-M 710 M/T L-UDT SEAL UDT KS 1416(B.F.STORE.COM) On Sat.went to gunshow and picked-up a B-M Bali-Song.Left there and drove to a cutlery shop just to check out selection and prices.Walked out 1 hr. later with a new M/T H.A.L.O. Now I thought I was done buying for a while until last night had to bid on REKAT PIONEER on auction.Now I have one on the way. I think I'm done for a while,but I did see a black blade L-UDT claw logo, maybe 1 more and there's this gun/knife show in 2 weeks. Man,there I go again.I need a shrink.