Knife of the Month

Jan 24, 1999
Hello fellow knife nuts. I'm new to this forum and I wish to shed my "lurker" status
so I'll be able to win these great "Knife of the Month" prizes. At the risk of posting a boring topic, all I can say in my defense is that this a requirement and I'm usually one of the good guys. And most importantly, I LOVE KNIVES.

I'm new too, but everyone made me feel
right at home. You're going to like it here.
Just what we need. Another "B".

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Hi Ben,
Welcome aboard. What is/are you favorites so far? What's on the horizon for your next purchase?
Take care!



Welcome Ben. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

Never a dull moment!
Hello, Ben, & welcome. I'm new myself but, as Doc said, the folks here made me feel right at home. Enjoy!

I've just jumped on the bandwagon myself, mainly because I found this forum more addictive than i anticipated (also, that Cetan is something I'm just aching to get my hand on!). As for my next purchase? Let's wait until i finish college and get a job of my own. :)

Thanks for the warning, Sal. I'm suprised and thankful for all the kind responses. As an answer to Greg's question, my favorite knives (in my collection) are my Bud Nealy
Aikuchi with a 5" stainless damascus blade,
Elishewitz Phantom (this is one of the old "cool" ones), Navy Seal "OX" knife, Frank Miller "Palm Skinner", Chris Reeve Sebenza (the one that's usually in my pocket), and my old Pacific Cutlery boot knife. As for what's on the horizon: (1) Bob Terzoula ATCF in carbon fiber. Thanks to all those who responded.
Ben if you think the forum`s cool now just wait till we teach you the secret handshake and give ya the password to all the really good stuff!
Glad to have ya here. Marcus
Ben, this is the place to be, learning and throwing in your 2 cents worth is what it's all about. You can scan through alot of the old topics for some really good information.