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Knife popularity

Oct 3, 1998
It seems I have been into knives for close to 40 years or ever since I can remember.I have noticed within the past 5 years, and more so the past couple of years
a huge escalation in the interest in knives. The number of custom makers has tripled just by looking at the latest listings in Warners books.Factories are producing more exotic knives based on custom collaborations.So my question to all the forumites is this.What do you think has been the major influence to sky rocket knives the way thay seem to be heading now? I know there are factors involved like the internet and gun restrictions but besides the obvious what is drawing more and more people to knife collecting.I mean knives have always been around so whats the prompt now? Be interesting to see what you people think.
If I had to take a quick stab at this (yes, pun intended
) besides the obvious reasons you mentioned, I'd have to say one reason may be our economy. I think we have more money to spend on ourselves. Back in the 80's the Japanese we're buying up a lot of the high end customs like Loveless's, now that their in a recession, their blade spending had dried up. This has to be one factor. I'm sure their will be other good reasons given.

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Honestly, I have no idea. Equaly promising is that knife-and-swordsmanship, heck, combat arts across the board, are making a strong come back. I think that we can thank certain individuals who are making quality material available for this.

Unfortunately, some evil psychos are doing some awful stuff and are ruining it for the rest of us. Every time some freak goes on a killing spree, the vast majority of us who mean no harm are further alienated by reactionary legislation.

Ironic, huh?
I belive that there is one driving reason behind the current boom in people purchasing knives. I belive it mostly started with companys like Spyderco and Benchmade that made the first forays into producing affordable premium cutlery. Before these companys there wasnt much happening in the knife world. Basically the whole thing started when people began to appreciate the feel of a solidly built knife.

From there the few custom makers began to become well recognized and many persons decided it might be worth the risk to invest in the buisness. Then it just kept on going and going and going.....

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Here's just one take on the question: perhaps with all of the lawsuits, gun laws, taxes, permits, image-problems, and slack gun enthusiasts get, maybe some gun enthusiasts are fed up with the firearms regulators and have switched to knives as a hobby. Is this way out there?

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I think that the anti-gun back lash has contributed to the rising popularity of knives. It just seems that there are other reasons that elude me at the moment that also play a big part in knife collecting. Pick up an issue of Blade Magazine that is say over 5 years old and check out the ads then look at an issue for this month and the difference is amazing. Talk about a growth industry. You must see it yourself with the Gurkha sales.
With the knee jerk gun legislation that came along, people who had no desire to own a firearm rushed out and bought at least one in the "buy it before they ban it frenzy" that has seen gun sales grow at a rate no multi-million dollar ad campaign could have hoped for, for better or worse. Now, people don't seem to flinch when a dealer charges $70 for a pistol magazine (never mind they have not shot 10 rounds in the last year and already have more then enough pistol magazines). Once these folks calm down after the buying frenzy, a knife purchase seems natural. Especially when you look at what a good quality knife costs these days and compare it to what's in their pocket. Also, affulence is up, in general, and people have hand held GPS units, walkman's, etc. which I think tends to increase the "gadget" factor and the search for something all their friend don't already have.

If people will pay several hundered dollars for a pistol or rifle they don't shoot, why wouldn't they spend $100 or $200 or a knife they will use daily?

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The more gun laws, the more the people will turn to knives, for the most part, a little peace of mind in their pocket, purse or belt, is at least it's something to protect yourself with. Other than that it's just plain handy to have.