Knife question-gee, isn't that generic...

Dec 19, 2000
I've been thinking about getting a Dozier knife. The one I am looking at is one of the tactical knives. It is the KM-4 Reverse Tanto.

I was just wondering if anyone has purchased this, and how they liked it. Also, I was wondering what anyone's thoughts were on "customizing" this knife so that the blade was a bit bigger(about 5" blade). I already have a nice, shorter knife, and wanted one in mid-length.

If I were to enlongate it a bit, and stretch the handle a bit, would it still be a good sturdy knife?

If I seem to ramble, it is because the last time I slept was 6 a.m. on Mar. 6. Thats almost 24hrs, and my body ain't liking it at all. I'm at work right now, and am on my second caffeinated beverage in less than 4 hours. Oy! forgive my ramblings, please...


If you find you must throw something at me, please make it a custom.

"May your blade chip and shatter"- Dune Fremen fighting saying

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