Knife Rights: WV House Companion Knife Law Preemption Bill Introduced

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    The West Virginia House companion bill that would enact Knife Law Preemption in the state, HB 4376, has been introduced by sponsor Delegate Chris Phillips with bipartisan co-sponsors Delegates Dean Jeffries, Amy Summers, Erikka Storch, Joe Jeffries, Larry Kump, Tom Fast, Randal Swartzmiller, Jason Barrett, Brent Boggs and Kayla Kessinger.

    Like the Senate version, SB 96 that has passed out of its first committee hearing, HB 4376 would expand the state's firearms preemption statute to include "deadly weapons," including knives.

    We will let you know when it is time to contact the legislature on both these bills.

    Preemption prevents enforcement of existing local knife ordinances, and prohibits new ordinances, more restrictive than state law which only serve to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state.

    Knife Rights passed the nation's first Knife Law Preemption bill in Arizona in 2010 and has since passed preemption bills in Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

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    Thank you for all you do!
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    When you support Marxists, don't be surprised when you get Marxism !
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