Knife safety note, from Playboy

Oct 3, 1998
A safe knife handling caution, from the 12/98 Playboy, on page 140, at the beginning of a story by Ethan Coen, "It Is an Ancient Mariner":

Now it might interest you to know, stranger, that that barstool you are sitting on is the very one Radio Ronnie Harper was occupying when his wife bust through those doors and marched up to him and stabbed him in the neck, and both their little daughters watching. She had a Buck knife, Ronnie's own hunting knife, if face, and stuck it in wrongways. I don't mean handle first, how the hell you gonna do that, I mean cutting edge toward her, kind of sidearm, like she was boxing his ear. Except it was his neck. And that knife slides in like a good Buck knife will and she pulls toward her, which you ner supposed to do. You could get hurt. She was OK in this instance, though Ronnie of course died of it.

I do not recommend or warranty any of the knives I sell for that sort of thing, of course.


James, why don't you scan us some pictures.

Doesn't this belong in the 'famous last words' thread: "I buy it for the Interviews..."