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Knife Selection

Jan 1, 2001
I selected a Benchmade 940BT as my Xmas present this year from my wife. After I selected it based on purpose (general daily wear/light tactical), materials, quality and looks, I found this forum. It looks like I selected a decent knife, eh?

Aside from regular duties, I used it today to clean a brace of pheasants for dinner...and it worked better than any other knife I've used before. So far, it's a great all-around companion.

I *was* also looking at the CRKT M16 as a more serious defense tool...think I ought to go back and get it?
Welcome to the forums, glad to have you with us.

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Welcome on board. If the knife appeals to you, feels good, looks good, meets your standards, go for it. No matter what you read here, experience is the best teacher. What you will get here are the experiences/opinions of other like minded people to draw from. Did I mention I like the Spyderco Native...?

Welcome to Blade Forum Samtu!

I think Paul is absolutely correct... You have to be your own judge about the knife you want to carry. It has to meet your approval, and if it does, then it is the right knife for you.

Good luck!

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