Knife seminar

Mar 3, 2008
I am possibly going to be giving a little 10 or 15 minute little knife seminar at my work about the different steels and and what knives are good for what jobs. I want to know if you where to give the seminar what you would start with and talk about.
BTW its going to be at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Round Rock, Tx this saturday at about 1 PM come by and heckle who ever is giving the class.


senex morosus moderator
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Jul 30, 2006
Some material would come from Joe Talmadge's Steel FAQ sticky

Some material would come from AG Russel's glossary:

Taking into consideration that your audience is at a sporting goods outlet, I'd cover:
--What are you going to use the knife for and what sorts of knives are useful for that type of job. skinning, general camping, fishing,
--blade shapes, tie the info to the usage
--carbon steel vs stainless, again tie to usage
--hollow ground vs saber vs. flat ground. more tie to usage.
--quick overview of lock types if there is time, with warning that no lock is as secure as a fixed blade.

You'll not have time to cover all of that, I'm thinking.