Knife Sharpening

Aug 29, 1999

I’m new to this.

I took a knife ( Cold Steel, Medium Voyager) to a local knife shop to have it sharpened because the blade had two small nicks (I dropped it and it hit the edge of the toilet. . . don’t ask). I was told that because the knife has a tanto point, the "angles would never be the same again".

Is this true? They look OK to me.



Did he meen the edge on the tip would not be the same as the edge on the long part of the blade? Or did he meen both edges would not be the same as original? What ever he he was talking about I would not want the edges much thicker than they were. On mine the tip edge was alot thicker than the rest. I thinned them both myself and have had no chipping problem. You may like a thicker edge, if you cut very hard stuff alot. Why you should go to a Spyderco forum to ask a Cold Steel question is beyond me. I think this forum is just fine for your question.
I suppose there could be some kind of misunderstanding here, but it sounds like you shouldn't be letting this guy sharpen your knives ... he doesn't seem to have the vaguest idea what he's doing.

Go to the home page at this website and click on "features" -- that'll lead you to the Sharpening FAQ. Read that and learn to sharpen knives yourself, better than new.

If you want to have a sharp knife you have to give it a half-dozen strokes every time it needs a half-dozen strokes, and it'd be a nuisance to take it to the knifeshop every time anyway.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Seems like JAC's problem isn't so much that he need to touch-up the edge, but that the blade needs to be re-ground to remove the nicks.

That being the case, there's probably some significant stock removal compared to a simple sharpening.

I'm not familiar with the Cold Steel line, but aren't their Voyagers serrated? Seems like removing a (maybe big) nick from a serrated edge is even harder, or at least entails more work (than a plain edge).

Maybe the knife shop just meant that a lot of metal would have to be removed? Just a guess. I suppose that depending on the location of the nicks and how they fixed's possible to change the tanto's edge angles, tho I don't know if that's related to how good or poor a job they do.