Knife Shop in Boston?

Sep 24, 2000
I visited a small shop in Boston about a dozen years ago that was either a cutlery shop or one that just happened to have a fair display of better knives I think it was near the Commons - maybe Newbury Street? Anyway, I'll be in Boston next week - business trip, so not much time for wandering around. If anyone can aim me in the right direction for finding this shop - or maybe an other one worth visiting - it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
The name of the shop is Chesapeake Knife and Tool and it is located in Quincy Market and it is on the right as you go towards the water. It is located in one of the downstairs stores. I've been there a few times and they have a pretty good selection of knives to choose from.

Good Luck, I hope you find it!

I can't remember the shopping center (it was downtown not far from the airport) or the name of the store, but there was a knifeshop in Boston that was very nice. Apparently, it's pretty well known there, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name. I THINK it was Stoddards or something.


The shop you're thinking of is probably Stoddards on Temple Street. This is right by "Downtown Crossing" (shopping area) and runs between Washington and Tremont Streets. Tremont St. is where the Boston Commons is. Also, there is a smaller Stoddards in the Coply Plaza shopping Mall. This is store only carries cutlery whereas Stoddards at Downtown Crossing also carries flyfishing equipment.

Have a fun trip in Beantown.

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Yup, Sing got it. Stoddards is not bad- the best we have in Boston, IMO.

Enjoy your visit.



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There is also a small shop in the so shore plaza near sears it is called remmingtons they have a few good knives there benchmade, crkt, etc

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