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Knife Shops in NYC?

Oct 26, 2000
Hi Y'all,

I'm going to NYC between Xmas and New Years and will have a couple of hours to myself. I'm thinking that there must be a high quality knife shop or two somewhere in the city where I could dream and drool and maybe even drop a few bucks. Anybody know of any?

I'm looking for CRK, Microtech, MOD, AL MAr, Emerson, customs etc.


Peter ATwood

Hi Peter. About the only place in the city that carries the knives you are looking for is Paragon Sports on 18th St and Broadway. However, unless you are independently wealthy, it will just be for sightseeing, as their prices are extremely high, probably due to the cost and overhead of doing business in Manhattan. If you go there just go up the staircase, the knife showcase is directly in front of you at the top of the stairs. Hope this helps.

Dave (Phil.4:13)
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Yes, quite high. But a serious selection to be had. They do have a decent selection of high end customs as well. Equally as high (in $) is at the opposite end of Broadway in Manhattan. At Iceberg of Soho Army and Navy Store just a few blocks off Canal St. Huge place with a complete selection of all the popular brands such as CRK&T, Spyderco, Benchmade, Emerson, Buck, Leatherman, Gerber, MT, Cold Steel, etc. ALL of their blades are marked at MSRP. The unsuspecting out of towner
should take note. But equally as high is the rent in that area.

You may bump into Jane Seymour, Drew Barrymore, Yoko Ono, or even pass by a few other celebs. Have fun.
Paragon, definitely, with many custom knives up to the few 1000 range. Mainly for the eye due to the prices. At least to me..
If you come with car and ready to take a short trip to Paramus, NJ you might visit Ramsey Outdoor Store and Campmor which are close to each other. Both are outdoor stores. Campmor sells lot of things at very competitive prices, however not many knives. Ramsey sells more knives but I am not sure if they have all brands you are interested in. Give them a call:
Ramsey: (201) 261-5000
Campmore: http://www.campmor.com/
Both are on Route 17 close to its crossection with Garden State Parkway.

Hope it helps,

Hi Pete- These guy's are right on. NYC does'nt have too many good knife stores but what it does have is bars!!, and I know them well, so if you're down in the city and want to do some drinking,let me know. I'm always looking out for fellow knife knuts when they come to the big city. Have a good time either way.
Thanks guys! I'll check out the Paragon Sports store since it will be close to where we're going. We're making the obligatory trip to see the inlaws
who happen to live in Manhattan. I'm not going to be buying anything but it will be great to actually see and handle some of the knives. There just isn't much in the way of fancy knife stores here in Western MA.
There's also a Ramsey Outdoor Store near me on Rt 46,Ledgewood,NJ(same owners), but again, unless there's a clearance sale, you'll pay full MSRP.
If you're gonna be near the Ramsey Store in Paramus, you might give Andy Prisco(Sharper Image-Busse) a call as he's located right near there.
Last, if you're willing to take about an hour's drive from the city-JT's Knife Shop in Port Jervis has an excellent selection of production and customs.
Have fun on your trip!

Dave (Phil.4:13)
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Check out some threads in the archives on the same point.
Paragon does have some beauties, but the prices are downright insulting. Barrett-Smythe on 57th has some very high-end stuff that is a treat to look at and touch.
Also, scattered throughout madison Ave are some surprises, like at Berretta.