Knife shows in MA?

Blackwatch: Recently, someone posted info about the following show. I really don't know anything else about it. Here is the info I have.

Best Western Royal Plazza Center. Exit 24B off of RT 495.
JANUARY 27th 9am to 5
Jan 28th 9am to 3pm
508 460-0700


This show is not all knives. It will be mostly gun tables.

Your BIG-E show out there in West side is a nice spead of 800 tables when they come. They do them about 4 times a year.

There was a show last august with 200 tables of just knives. Customs, autos, a real nice selection for everyone.

Firearm and Knife show,500 table Marlboro MA.

Best Western Royal Plaza Center. Exit 24B off of RT 495.
JANUARY 27th 9am to 5
Jan 28th 9am to 3pm

Hey, thanks guys...I'll try to get to the Big E show sometime...I think there should be one upcoming soon.
For a list so you never miss another local knife show simply join the NCCA ( Northeast Cutlery Collectors Assoc) They sponsor about 5 or 6 shows a year and by joining you get in all the shows free.
is there a web site for that big e show i would like to go to it there is really no places around my area for good knives unless i go to boston and fight the traffic and parking problems

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Blackwatch: Here is the info for the next MA N.C.C.A. show.

Sunday April 1
Marlboro MA Holiday Inn

I don't have the phone number, but it is right off of 495 in Marlboro
thanks guys.

the big e site is

in the bottom left hand corner is the "ese calender" this is where to find out about the shows.

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