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Knife Source

Apr 18, 1999
I just bought my 7th knife from an independent dealer here in Houston and I thought I'd share this source with all of you. His name is Paul Stanton of Stanton Knives. I met Mr. Stanton at a gun show 5 or 6 years ago and have been dealing with him ever since. he carries both custom and factory knives. A brief list follows:
Benchmade, Spyderco, Boker, Columbia River, etc. He also handles custom knifes from Mel Pardue, Allen Ellishieitz, Pat Crawford, Bob Terazula, Ron Gaston and others.

At this time, Mr. Stanton has no web site but can be reached at (713)728-2042 evenings. He is generally unavailable during the day, weekdays.

I have found Mr. Stanton to be a straight shooter with competitive prices.

Willie Boy
Just thought I would add to this. I have seen stanton knives at the Tulsa gun shows, I guess they set up at most of the big ones here. I believe it is his wife who usually works the shows here. A few of the prices are a little high, but most are quite competitive. I dont usually mind if the price of what I want is a couple of dollars higher due to the fact that they have an incredible selection and Mrs. Stanton is always very kind and very helpful.